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Primary broadcast

Today was the day of the Stake Primary Broadcast. It was an interesting experience. Now that Athena's gotten the hang of doing Singing Time with an audience of small children, she got to do it with an audience of nobody! That can be tough when your strategy involves gauging the audience's reaction. But I think she did a good job. We may never know, though. I mean, of course everyone else who was there (about five people, I think?) thanked her for doing a good job, and a friend of ours who watched it said something on Facebook, but we have no idea how the kids took it.

After that we went to our regular sacrament meeting, and then we came home and melted. It's really hot and humid today, so it definitely feels more like melting than baking. We watched the Howard documentary about Howard Ashman. I really do wonder what kind of great stories the world is missing out on because he was taken so soon. Now we'll never know. I wonder if we would have been backing him up on his very strict storytelling demands or arguing and yelling at him constantly. ...Probably neither, because we don't work at Disney. When you start thinking about how many things have to align for certain things to happen, it gets to be way too complicated.

Anyway. We only had a couple of days to recover from our traveling and inability to take proper care of ourselves while traveling, and we need to get back to work tomorrow. Today I'm thankful for getting to take part in the Primary broadcast, getting to join our friends for sacrament meeting even though we made the schedule more complicated, getting to see Howard, ice cream with caramel sauce, and the forecast predicting a cool down next week.
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