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Surprise trip

We're back! Sorry for the sudden disappearance. It all started last Sunday. We were waiting for our friend to text us about sacrament meeting when Mom called. She asked what we were doing, I said we were checking email, she said well she was talking to Steve and she was like, "You know what would be a great sabbath activity? We could go down south and pick up the Twins!" So they drove all the way down here and then we all drove all they way back up to visit family. The sad thing is we were going to make it this big surprise, so neither of our sisters and none of their kids knew, and we were just going to show up at Sarah's house, which we did...but they were visiting the other set of grandparents. The surprise was ruined, alas.

Anyway, we spent the week up there, and we got back last night. It was fun, but tiring, since we were dealing with very excited children most of the time. Celeste's kids are actually not so high-energy, but my goodness, Rosetta has way too much stamina for Animal Crossing. Like, we're pretty sure the game lost its entertainment value long before she was willing to give up on it, even for her. She did give Athena a lot of stuff, though. At one point, Athena even told her to please not give her anymore clothes because she has so many she went to Nook's Cranny and bought a tambourine instead. It was awfully cute, but on the other hand, she seems to give gifts with this air of, "And I can't wait to see what you give me in return!" Sigh.

She actually took up residence on Mom's island, because Gilderoy was playing with her family's Switch. Celeste found out that Mom had deleted Gilderoy's tent but not Grawp's house, and in a classic show of sibling rivalry, she insisted that we get Rosetta a house so Mom wouldn't be able to delete it (we all know it's possible for Mom to delete other residents, even if they have houses, but Mom's reason for deleting tents is that she doesn't like the look of them). So Mom is letting Rosetta keep her house, but on the ride back down to take us home, she took the Godzilla statue she'd ordered off Nook Shopping and set it up right outside Rosetta's house. I'm not sure what kind of reaction she expects to get from this; Mom just likes to be mischievous sometimes. I do suspect the joke will go without an audience, however, because Rosetta's not likely to use Mom's Switch for Animal Crossing until the next time we're in town.

As for Gilderoy, he has finally taken up Pokemon, a thing which his father had been hoping to see for years. So Athena did get to play that with him briefly. He already has four badges in Pokemon Shield, but hasn't even filled one box with Pokemon, and most of his Pokemon are not evolved. He clearly doesn't do a lot of leveling up, so I have to wonder how in the world he completes the gym challenges. By the time Athena was battling him, his father was done with work, so he was there to watch, and "coach" with comments like, "Why would you use a fire Pokemon against a water type!?" ...I'm sure the boy will learn eventually. I'm told he battled very well against Athena, considering.

As for me, I didn't watch the battle because I was playing with Baby Brother in the other room. He's a super cute kid, and it was really nice at first, because he would get out one set of toys, we'd play with it for a little while (and he's young enough that his playing is more parallel play, which means I don't necessarily have to play "with" him as long as I'm keeping him company, so that was nice for me, too), and then we'd put it away, and he'd pull out the next set of toys. But after a while, he decided he didn't much care for putting the toys away, and when he'd finish playing he'd say, "Put them away yourself!" Sometimes even before I asked him to help, the little punk. It was really cute, though, because if something got knocked over and it was his fault, he'd be like, "Sorry, I'm so sorry!" and if I knocked something over and said, "Oops, sorry!" he would say, "That's okay!" in a very consolatory tone.

Of course we hung out with the other set of kids, too. ...Grawp mostly just played video games. He showed us Smite, a game our Switch told us they'd been playing, so I knew about it and that you could play as the goddess Athena. They don't have that character, though, which I thought was a bit of a bummer. Hagger showed us ARMS, and on our second visit, Hermie showed me Mario Party, and it was hilarious how these tiny children would be like, "I know you're not very good at this, so give me the control and I'll do it for you." (They weren't quite that articulate about it, but that was the concept.)

Hagger and Hermie were also both very much of a wrasslin' bent. When we visited the second time, Hagger greeted Athena by hitting her repeatedly on the back (not very hard; he's only six), and she said, "I know that's your way of saying you love me," and he replied, "Well sort of." And I'm like, "What's that supposed to mean!?" Anyway, both of them had a great time tackling us. It was good fun, except that I was afraid I might accidentally elbow someone in the teeth.

Oh! And when Athena and Grawp were playing Animal Crossing together, Athena found out that one of their new neighbors is Simon--the very same Simon who recently moved off of our island. And! he remembered her! He was even wearing the camo bomber jacket she gave him back on Futagojima. It is a small world after all.

And we watched a bunch of movies. I should save the commentary on those for later, though, because we need to get to sleep.

Today I'm thankful for having a lovely time with our family, Mom and Steve being kind enough to drive us all the way there and back, getting to spend the majority of the current heat wave in homes with more effective air conditioning, getting to share the kids' interests, and making it home in time to take part in the broadcast we agreed to be in tomorrow.
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