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Since a bunch of people have been coming over to appreciate Noragami with us(?), we've been thinking of posting links to all of our Noragami manga reviews... We might do that eventually, but now it's too hot to go searching for links. I mean, not that it would be that hard. The greater danger is that we'd want to sit down and read all of them and that would distract us from finishing this post today, and we need to go to sleep. But maybe we'll revisit them soon.

In the meantime, today we were surprised by a call from the Stake Primary President. She started with the usual pleasantries: hi, how are you, the plague hasn't destroyed your family, has it?, etc. We said we're fine because we work from home, so the 'rona hasn't really affected us, and she's like, "Oh, what do you do?" and we're like, "We translate manga..." and she's like, "What! My daughter loves manga!" So that was pretty fun.

The reason she called is that the Stake Presidency wants to do a special broadcast for the kids, and we're like, "Finally!" These kids have been out of church for months, and there have been a bunch of broadcasts, but to be honest, I didn't have the attention span for most of them...okay, let's be honest again--I don't have much more of an attention span than a Primary child. But anyway, the point is, we're super excited that they're finally doing something for the kids! And even better, we get to do the music for it!

...Okay, I'm pretty sure Athena's not as excited about it as I am (all I have to do is play the piano; it's kind of backstage)... (She says, "Mostly I'm just like, 'They're not gonna arrest me for singing in church, are they?'" But we assure you! there will not be more than a dozen people in one place!) Maybe I'm a little extra excited because she made sure to tell us that the reason they called us of all the Primary song leaders in the stake is that, when they went around to all the ward conferences before the plague hit, the singing time they saw us do really left an impression. So we're a liiiittle bit flattered. I mean, we would have agreed to do it without the flattery, but the flattery helps us feel special.

Anyway, from what we can tell, it's actually going to be more like leading songs in sacrament meeting, but we're still pretty fuzzy on all the details. At any rate, we know that "I Will Walk With Jesus" is on the program, and we're big fans of that song, so it's cool.

Today I'm thankful for exciting church plans, getting another mermaid DIY recipe, having some of our island neighbors comment on Athena's mermaid princess ensemble, remembering to open one of our Harry Potter crates, and discovering that the pilot(?) episode of Hercules: The Animated Series is on Disney+YourSoul just as episode 11 for some reason.
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