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What did we do today? ...Oh yeah, we got a mermaid princess dress! Now we have two and they're different colors and they're so pretty!

But other than that...well, we worked, of course, and we watched Hercules: The Animated Series. Here, just days after telling people that we're still watching Tangled because we're not quitters, we stopped watching it. It's just, we got to the end of season one, and we kind of figured all along we'd pause there to watch Hercules. We only have a month of Disney+YourSoul, and there are 65 episodes of that one, and it's the one we really want to watch! Especially after watching the end of season one of Tangled. We were really not impressed. All the bad decisions. We can't take it. They're not even necessarily out of character bad decisions, but there are just so many of them, and the show seems to be treating them as inevitable instead of, "Wow, that was a bad decision." Yup, I think the reason we're more okay with the bad decisions characters make in Miraculous is that the show agrees with us that those decisions were bad.

We may get back to it if it turns out to be true that Netflix is losing the license to Miraculous...which we're starting to wonder about. Like, maybe the article that gave us that information was talking about different regions of the world than the US. Anyway, for now, we plan to just keep watching Miraculous on Netflix for as long as we can (when we get back to it).

But you guys! The Hercules series is really quite clever generally, so I would definitely recommend watching it. There is a slight problem in that Disney+ doesn't seem to have the pilot episode, which, you know, explains the whole premise of the show, but they kind of go over it in the opening, so mostly you miss out on the introductions of Icarus and Cassandra. I thought about going to their feedback thingie and requesting it, but I was like, "I don't want to keep this service, so..." But if anybody out there likes having Disney+ and wants to see it, definitely request it.

Today I'm thankful for having a new mermaid princess dress, getting a lot of work done today, having ice cream to eat very soon on this very hot day, not having a lot of work to do tomorrow, and getting to watch plenty of cartoons today.
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