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Post-birthday fun

Today our work plans were derailed when we got a phone call from our nephew. Not complaining of course--in fact, we welcome his phone calls because they're a valid excuse to stop working. But we also have deadlines, so... Anyway, this time it's our own fault, because we told his mom to tell him we sent him gifts in Animal Crossing, which means he would have remembered we exist.

But we had to! because yesterday was his birthday. And since he usually doesn't play Animal Crossing on the account that can get stuff via the internet, we had to let him know there was a gift or he might not see it for weeks.

We had a good time talking, though. He said in a kind of whiny voice, "Can you come visit my island?" And we were like, "Of course!" but before we could get the game started up, he changed his mind and we played Pokemon instead. He got a few Pokemon presents for his birthday, so I guess it's on his mind. He was so cute, too, because we would ask him if we should catch something, and he'd be like, "No," and then we realized maybe it was because those Pokemon weren't cool enough to be worth getting, so we pointed out that we wanted to fill our Pokedex, and then he would be like, "If you want to." And that's how we caught a Psyduck.

But then! he was out looking for Dynamax dens, and he found one with a Golduck, and then he asked if we wanted to fight it with him, and we were like, "Okay..." and then he was like, "Oh wait, maybe you want to evolve your Psyduck instead." And we were like, "He remembered♥" And it was all very sweet until the very next thing he found in a Dynamax den was the "sandcastle Pokemon," and we were like, "Uh-oh, we just caught a Sandygast the other day...that's the evolved form, isn't it?" Well, Grawp didn't know that we had a Sandygast, so Athena was like, "Um, no, maybe I don't want to fight that one," and then he was like, "Then I guess I wasted a Wishing Piece." He was more matter-of-fact than deliberately guilt-tripping, but it was effective nonetheless. So we fought the Pallosand and did our best not to look at it.

After that, he remembered some cool birthday presents he got, so we initiated a video call and he showed us all his presents. Dang, he got some cool stuff. A Pokemon playset that folds up to look like Ash's backpack, a crystal Pokeball with a Zapdos in it, a drone... He also showed off the stuffed dragon he got when he was three. He doesn't remember that we're the ones who gave it to him, but it still warms our hearts that he still cares about it so much. Also it's a super cute dragon. I'm a little jealous.

Today I'm thankful for getting to share in the post-birthday fun with our nephew, having a Psyduck, getting the other mermaid fishy dress from Pascal, getting enough work done today that we probably don't have to push ourselves too hard to finish it on time (yet), and Grawp not having to waste his Wishing Piece.
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