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Today did not go as planned. Originally, we were going to start the edit on this new series (woohoo!) we're working on, and see if it was going fast enough to justify taking a break to work on our weekly simulpub. There wasn't supposed to be a chapter of that this week because of Obon, but the manga artist surprised everybody by finishing the next chapter early. We ended up working on it anyway, because we got a phone call from Gaston that threw off our whole schedule, and now I think I know what motivated him to work so quickly...

We did manage to get to that edit, and fortunately it seems like it will go pretty quickly. ...And now I want to talk about the series, but I can't. Dang, this is why we started writing reviews in the first place. We'll see if it's enough motivation to get back into it...but I'm also really tired, so it seems unlikely.

Speaking of tired, the lack of sleep seems to be taking its toll in the form of a flare up of my favorite sinus infection. Yay. So we should probably get to bed.

Today I'm thankful for finally hearing from Gaston, finally getting to see some episodes of Hercules: The Animated Series again, work going pretty well despite our schedule getting weird, having a DIY recipe for a mermaid bed, and learning that the cute little birds we see around are called black phoebes.
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