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Another day

Today we turned in our translation of Noragami 22. Oh my gosh, you guys, this series. It's so good, but so....well, anyway, we think we did a pretty good job on this volume! I'm toying with the idea of writing up a review, but that would mean extra time at the computer.

We're still watching Tangled: The Series, because we're not quitters, but at this point it's kind of like, "Will you just tell us where you're going with this so we can get on with our lives?" ...Or maybe we're just grumpy because the last episode we watched was chock full of action sequences. The twist ending was not surprising in the least, though. Maybe we just watch too much TV...but, I mean, it's kind of our job to pick up on foreshadowing so we can make sure it doesn't get...lost in translation. Like, literally. Wow. I did not realize that as I started typing that thought. Also, I'm super tired, so I might not be entirely coherent.

That being the case, we should see if we can get some more sleep.

Today I'm thankful for being finished with another great volume of Noragami (Noragami is always scary to work on, because we love it so much and we want to do it justice), managing to finish Animal Crossing with time to not stay up late for an episode of Psych, the thought of some manga artists really loving their jobs, fanciful daydreams, and having a string of shoujo manga to work on next.
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