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Not-so-lazy Sunday

Alas and alack we must go to bed early today. It's partially our own fault for staying up until about one o'clock last night, but in our defense, we did not know that our ride to sacrament meeting was going to want to come an hour and a half earlier than usual. So instead of getting out of bed at nine, we had to be ready to leave the apartment by nine. We were not happy about that, but sacrament meeting was nice anyway.

We spent a pretty hefty chunk of the afternoon studying from Come, Follow Me. This week the lesson is on eleven whole chapters! And they're not like Isaiah-quoting chapters that are super short, they were the war chapters in Alma, with like 40 verses, and Book of Mormon verses are not short like Bible verses. They're good chapters, though, including the army of Helaman, and the really cool story about when Moroni sneaks into the prisoner camp and arms all his people who have been taken prisoner. I always liked that one. When I think about it too much, though, I'm like, "Gosh, I hope those kids didn't actually have to fight."

After dinner, because we're now extra desperate for sleep, we had the choice of either watching a movie or reading Jules Verne--not both. We decided to watch a movie, because it was less brain effort than reading, and it was a really hard decision, because I do want to know what happens to Captain Hatteras and his loyal crew. But that will have to wait.

Instead, we watched the French dub of Disney's Beauty and the Beast! We did this partly because we're on a French dialogue kick and partly to let Disney know that we want to watch things *coughcoughmiraculouscough* in French. It was a pretty interesting experience, especially comparing what we do know of French with the very familiar English-language script (we also had the English captions on; we love the movie, but we don't have it memorized). One time we were like, "Wait, what did the French say?" so we put on the French captions and read it and were like, "...That's not what they said."

We've noticed with Miraculous, too, that the French captions often do not match the actual spoken dialogue. We like to chalk it up to the actors really getting into their roles and ad-libbing, but in the case of Beauty and the Beast, it might be a matter of matching lip flaps, since it's a dub. They did a fantastic job, though. ...It might also be a matter of spoken dialogue adaptation versus translation of the English dialogue. On the other hand, the song lyric captions (in French--we do have the songs memorized, so we turned on French captions for a couple of them) did match the sung lyrics, and the sung lyrics often did not match the English ones one-to-one. Sometimes not even close. We were especially amused in "Be Our Guest" (which is C'est la Fete in French--already not really that close) the line "oopsy-daisy" got translated to the English "thank you, lady."

Anyway, it was fun. That movie is so good.

Today I'm thankful for another lovely sacrament meeting with our friends, the oldest daughter being there today so we could squee about Miraculous together, getting to reread some cool stories in the Book of Mormon, getting to watch Beauty and the Beast in French, and getting to go to sleep soon.
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