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The Tangled series is losing us. Some of the episodes we watched yesterday had us like, "Ehhh..." and then we watched another one that was like, "Nnnh..." and then we watched the Queen for a Day two-parter, and we were like, "I'm not sure I can even with you anymore." I was going to do a spoiler cut, but then I didn't think I needed to. It's just the same old problem with characters making bad decisions with very flimsy reasoning other than "we need the story to go this way for later." And we refuse to believe that Rapunzel is not a fan of lemonade. Lemonade is a magical elixir of life.

The main conflict seems to center around this big blizzard and how best to deal with it, and first they bring everybody into the castle to get them warm, and I'm like, okay, good, yes, that makes sense. And then the blizzard gets worse, so they're like, "We should send people out in the cold in boats in a FREAKIN' SNOWSTORM! for their safety." And we're like, "What." They're in a CASTLE. Castles are literally fortresses! They are designed to keep out intruders, including inclement weather! I mean, not that I've done the research, but if you're building something to keep out human attackers, I'm preeeeetty sure you're going to want a building that can also hold up in a snowstorm. I mean, like, if a wall can stop a cannonball, couldn't it also stop snow? But you're right, you should totally put them out to sea where they don't even have solid ground to stand on as the wind is blowing everything around. That's totes safer.

It was especially infuriating when Rapunzel and Cassandra and Xavier were in those underground tunnels where, hey look at that!, there's no wind and snow, and they didn't seem to be struggling in excess cold because, I dunno, maybe the many layers of earth above their heads worked as some kind of insulation.

Then there was Varian. And this is the worst part, because I could see it turning into a major plot point, and it was the stupidest dumbest stupidest thing. First of all, the fact that his father knew something about the spikes (much cooler and more accurate word than rocks) and refused to tell anybody was really stupid. It's like, "Hey, here's this thing that's totally turning our village desolate, and I'm going to give every indication that I know something about them but can't tell anybody because they're just not ready." I mean, if what he knows is, "Yeah, there's nothing we can do about it; we're all gonna die, the end," okay, maybe it's fair that "you're not ready to know" is possibly a valid statement. But if it's because, "You're my son and I think you're too young and it would be too big of a burden," then HELLO, if we don't do SOMETHING, WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!!! So maybe it's time to start lifting the burden even if it is a little extra heavy, hm?

So of course that ends stupidly, and now Varian's all, "Rapunzel, you MUST come help my father, the rocks are eating him alive!" and she's like, "Ummm, I really really want to, but I kind of have AN ENTIRE POPULATION to save..." and he's all, "YOU BROKE YOUR PROMISE AND I HATE YOU FOREVER!" I feel the need, too, to point out that she did not, in fact, break her promise to help him, because she asked him to wait until her father got back, which had not happened yet, ergo her promise was not in effect. At least they didn't have Rapunzel actually break a promise, because that was kind of supposed to maybe be a thing in the movie?, and I'm glad that there's character integrity for her, because she's the cutest (which is why, obviously, the truth is that she DOES like lemonade; she just said that in the moment, I'm sure, about not being a fan).

I guess what I'm saying is that, while I understand that Varian was under a lot of stress, I like to believe that people are more reasonable than that, especially with every single other one of Rapunzel's other friends (the good ones, who were in the movie) saying, "Hey, this is an emergency; I will risk my life to help make this better." So I like to think that if he weren't an idiot, he would have been upset, but not actually sworn vengeance on her, I mean come on, dude. And not only did he swear vengeance, he did it in a power ballad that had a very odd tone for whatever the heck it was they were trying to portray. I mean, like, he was singing a power ballad, and when you're angry you tend to yell, so that's fine, but the melody was kind of, I don't know, jaunty? ...Okay, I'm probably exaggerating about it being jaunty, but it definitely sounded a little upbeat. I don't blame the songwriters, though, they just give the director what he wants.

And it's just...I can't even. It doesn't give me high hopes for the season finale.

But in happier news, we did get to play video games with our nephew, mother, and brother-in-law, and that was fun. Now that our brother-in-law has Pokemon, we can finally see about doing team battles! But the funny thing is that as soon as our brother-in-law had to go, Grawp was like, "...I'm gonna switch to Animal Crossing now." So we went and hung out at his island, and picked all the hundreds of weeds together. It was nice.

Today I'm thankful for having a lovely time playing video games with family, catching a Sandygast (the ghost Pokemon are all strangely cute...), Rapunzel's character integrity, having cookies to share with our sacrament meeting hosts next time we get together, and getting to watch an episode of Psych to help us feel better after those episodes of Tangled.
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