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So many shows, so little time

I'm trying to think if I have anything to write about today... I mean, obviously we watched more Tangled: The Series.

Oh yeah, that reminds me! We did go to Disney+ Support and chat with them about the whole Miraculous situation. Apparently they don't have the rights to stream that series in the US, which makes it odd that our sister was able to find it on her Disney+. We asked her if she could still find it and she said no, so we're guessing there was some crossing of wires or something that has since been rectified, and there will be no Miraculous on Disney+ USA until Netflix's license expires. That's just fine with us--maybe it's not actually going to expire, and we can keep watching Miraculous on Netflix forever! ...I kinda doubt that, but hope springs eternal.

What that does mean, though, is that we don't need Disney+ anymore until that license expires, so we're going to stop paying for it and get as much as we can out of it during this one month. Mostly we just want to watch Tangled and Hercules the serieseses, and Howard the documentary. ...There are a lot of old Disney cartoons I'd like to watch, too, but I still have hope that we can get those on DVD or Blu-ray. Assuming we can afford to buy things ever again.

Also! there's new Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix and at least one other series we want to watch (the latest installment in Guillermo del Torro's Arcadia universe), and we're just feeling a liiiittle bit overloaded with entertainment that we want to watch RIGHT NOW!!! and we want to support Miraculous more, too. AND! our publishers are starting to remember we work for them, so we need to stay diligent with the whole job thing. I'm a little excited about that, too, because our Kodansha list right now is three fluffy shoujo titles! Eeeee!

So a lot of fun stuff to do, but only so many hours in the day. Fortunately, as far as we know, the only time limit on watching stuff is whenever Disney+ runs out. We're going to keep Netflix forever, so we'll get to those series when we get to them (they're new, so I don't thiiiink the licenses will expire before then). Oh yeah! one of the series is The New Legend of Monkey season two! What! That series is so silly, but we're going to watch it anyway! But I need to stop rambling because it's Friday, which means the "not quite enough sleep" thing we do throughout the week is catching up to us.

Today I'm thankful for having so many exciting new things to watch while we wait to figure out what's going on with Miraculous, having new manga to work on, getting another new mermaid DIY recipe from Pascal, not having to go out anywhere today, and getting to sleep in tomorrow.
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