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Our life continues to be dominated by work and Tangled and Animal Crossing. Gulivarrr sent us a pirate beard today! And we're still rocking the mermaid princess dress, so today we did a pirate princess thing. Then a gift from the heavens came in the form of a cavalier hat! I mean, it's not exactly a pirate hat, but it's close enough for our purposes, and really completed the pirate princess look.

There was something in Tangled that I wanted to talk about, but first I should start out by saying we are really enjoying the series. There was just a thing that involved lazy (or no?) research, and that seems to be becoming a problem lately, as indicated by a recent incident in which a historical novel ended up using a Legend of Zelda recipe for red dye, because the historical novel writer couldn't be bothered to make sure the first recipe he found on Google was real. And as someone who is constantly doing research for things that no one is even going to notice, I really want to do the opposite of condone that kind of behavior.

There's an episode of Tangled: The Series where they have a battle in a hot air balloon. We like to think of ourselves as somewhat knowledgeable in the ways of hot air balloons, since we read Five Weeks in a Balloon by Jules Verne. Yep, that makes us experts.

I will say, despite my sarcasm in the last sentence, that Jules Verne's first novel does have a surprisingly detailed description of the science involved in hot air balloons. It has an entire chapter devoted to the exact weights and measures of everything that will be carried in the hot air balloon, including the people. On the other hand, the first thing any older person who read Jules Verne as a kid will tell you when you tell them you've been reading Jules Verne is, "Well, the science wasn't exactly..." (That's all of one person we talked to, as well as the translator of A Journey to the Center of the Earth, so obviously, our sample survey is totes reliable.)

But it doesn't matter! Because I'm pretty sure this is something that applies to any kind of balloon, hot air or otherwise, even according to the advances in science we've made in the last century and a half since Jules Verne was writing. (Also, I think Tangled takes place before Jules Verne wrote anything, so whatever science he had on hot air balloons would have applied to whatever hot air balloons may have existed in that era, but on the other hand, it is virtually impossible to figure out when in the heck this series really takes place. Eugene dresses like John Smith from Pocahontas, so I wanna say early 1600s, but according to the science exposition episode, the guillotine had already been invented...and Wikipedia tells us that that technology did in fact exist before the French Revolution, which just goes to prove that you should do your research before assuming anything.)

Anyway. I was willing to overlook it when Eugene jumped onto the balloon and didn't immediately drag it down several feet--I don't know what they're using to heat the air in the balloon after all, so maybe they just heated it really fast at just the right moment to balance his weight. But then there was the big fight. Cassandra and the bad guy climbed up inside the actual balloon part (not the basket underneath it), and had a sword fight. I was willing to suspend my disbelief on that one, too, even though I was pretty sure it would damage the balloon's material enough to cause leaks, and may potentially kill the people inside, since who knows what they're breathing or how hot it is (it's probably just normal air, as opposed to the hydrogen used by Samuel Ferguson, but much thinner definitely, and maybe with a lot less oxygen because of the fire? but I haven't looked it up, so definitely don't take my word on that).

But then! they started stabbing the actual balloon! And then they just sliced a person-sized hole in it! And somehow the balloon is still afloat? How did it not let out all the lighter air? The whole thing would have plummeted instantly to the ground! I mean, that's true of helium balloons, too, right? You cut a hole in them and suddenly you have a limp piece of latex. I just...can't even.

But to be more positive, Rapunzel and Eugene continue to be a delight to watch. I love that Rapunzel squees, and I love that she loves everybody. She really is the cutest. And Eugene is so good at rambling on and on. We've noticed in our cartoon viewing that there are characters who talk a lot, and sometimes they seem to run out of things to say before they're supposed to, because they're supposed to be going on forever, and then there's a bit of an awkward pause. But Eugene can just keep going and going. And we love that he uses multiple random other languages. Pascal's personality seems to be somewhat different than in the movie, but I didn't really like Pascal's personality in the movie (he was a little pushy), and he's not in the series enough that it's that glaring, so I'm okay with it.

Today I'm thankful for finishing work earlier than expected, getting to go to Target today, getting all of our Animal Crossing to-do list done with plenty of time leftover, getting a tax refund! woohoo! (a whopping $21 each from the state), and remembering to drink some chocolate milk today.
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