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A tangled web

I admit the Tangled series is growing on us. They finally told us where Cassandra came from, so that helps. It also helps that it isn't constantly like, "Cassandra is way better than Eugene!" (I do wish they'd realized there was already a Cassandra in the Hercules series so they could have given her a different name, though.) But what helps the most is that Rapunzel is still her bright, perky, adventurous, everything-loving self. She's so stinking cute.

Speaking of Cassandra, though, based on her character design and the fact that she's the one who broke Rapunzel out of the castle and took her to the evil magic rocks, from the start, I surmised that she's related to Mother Gothel. But then she's all, "The captain of the guard is my dad!" and I was like, "...Oh." But then she was having that heart-to-heart with Eugene, and she's all, "I don't actually remember my mother," and we were like, "A-yup." Fortunately the show is entertaining enough that we're not just watching until we can say, "Called it!" (or not; we could still be wrong), and we don't even mind when the characters are being annoying like, "My friend would have known how important it is to me! Even though I never actually told her and am kind of the type to be blase about everything so there's not really any way to know how important anything is to me!"

Still no progress on the Miraculous front. We're going to have to initiate a Chat with "Support." We didn't today, because we were "working." On our "job." But I think we're doing a pretty good job on it! ...I mean, I guess we could have chatted instead of watching Tangled...oh well. (We're not super rushed on this...we think.)

Today I'm thankful for making some good progress (or at least writing some pretty good dialogue, I hope) at work, Rapunzel's adorableness, getting a mermaid princess dress (♥♥♥!) from Pascal, getting to watch Chat Blanc (we didn't have time for Psych, so we watched Miraculous instead), and catching some shooting stars tonight!
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