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That streaming service

Today was our day that we designated to do research on...that streaming platform. It kind of makes me upset to say it now for some reason. Maybe it's because we've begun the research and found the platform to be a little more annoying than we'd bargained on. I admit there was some unfair bias there, but the interface is not entirely intuitive to us.

Right. The platform. It's Disney+YourSoul. Thanks to that super duper popular musical they started streaming, we couldn't get a free trial for our research, but for Miraculous, we're willing to shell out seven bucks. And so we started our seven-dollar trial. The first thing we wanted was make sure it was possible to change the audio, so we pulled up Beauty and the Beast (the good one, from 1991) and figured out how to play it in French. We watched the opening narration and dang if French isn't a poetic-sounding language. But we were on a mission, so we're saving the rest of the viewing for some other time.

Next, of course, we went to see if we could change the audio for Miraculous in particular, and that's where we ran into trouble. When we search for it, it tells us nothing matches our search. This is bizarre and unsettling. The article that tells us that Netflix's license will expire says that Disney+ has the series right now! And we even checked with our sister who has the service, and she was like, "I don't know, but I'll check!" so she searched, and she found it! and she was like, "Oh yeah, I do remember seeing that picture," which means not only is it available for her, but her version of the service shows it to her unbidden. This makes it more disturbing and unsettling.

We tried a few other things, like Google. When I Google "miraculous on disney plus," it takes me to the Disney+ listing for Miraculous, which prompts you to open up the app so you can watch it. So I downloaded the app onto my iPad and I followed the prompt...and it said the program was unavailable and try again later. Boo! Boo, I say, BOO!!!

By then we had had enough, so we decided to make the most of those seven dollars. We'd already added Hercules: The Animated Series to our watch list, as well as the Tangled series, which we had not seen at all and were curious about. Since that was the new (and possibly shiny) one, we decided to try it out. (We also chose to watch it first because we knew of the potential that we would find it to not be shiny, in which case we could cheer ourselves up by watching the one we know we like.) Turns out...we're not big fans so far. It has some promise, I guess? The second episode was better than the first one.

But we're having a reeeeeally hard time getting over the fact that there's this new character who's, like, super besties with Rapunzel, and they haven't told us a single thing about where in the world she came from, but we are supposed to trust her more than Eugene, and care whether or not she has to go to a convent. I have no idea who she is--so far, my life would not be tragically devoid of anything if she had to go off to a convent. On the other hand, I've known Eugene a lot longer, so even though he does like the sound of his voice a little too much, I still trust him more than this random stranger.

Oh well. We still have some figuring out to do as far as all of this is concerned, but it's hard because there are only so many hours in the day, and one of our conclusions from today's research is that we kind of want to watch Miraculous on Netflix as much as we can before the license expires. And then! our neighbor Pinky wants us to catch her an olive flounder, and we're like, "Sure thing! Let's just catch...every single other fish in the sea twice before any olive flounders decide to come along!" Okay, that's not entirely true. We didn't catch any great whites, we only caught one hammerhead, and I don't know if whale sharks are even available anymore (we don't have one yet), and I don't think we caught any surgeonfish or anchovies. But we caught a ton of horse mackerels and zebra turkeyfish, two saw sharks, two napoleonfish...

Anyway. Today I'm thankful for finally finishing this week's simulpub, the super annoying tricky thing turning out not to be nearly as annoying and tricky as it suggested it might be, getting to check out a new series, finally catching an olive flounder, and catching a rainbow stag to sell to Flick after all our fishing travails.
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