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Back to sacrament meeting

Our sacrament meeting plans are always finalized at pretty much the last minute, so these Sundays, we wake up in time to hopefully be ready by 10:30 and see if we get a text. We didn't have a text by then, so we carried on with our usual morning computer routine until about 12:30, when we felt we could be reasonably sure sacrament meeting was canceled (as it had been the last two weeks, only those times, with notice (at the last minute)). We changed back into pajamas and chilled out in the bedroom for a while, readings texts from our family as our sister kept us updated on the status of her very first cake with mirror glaze, when suddenly we got a text from our sacrament friends, asking if we were still up for it. We said sure, and from there, the whole day got away from us, but in a good way.

Sacrament meeting was great. We read the first paragraph of The Restoration of the Fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ: A Bicentennial Proclamation to the World and discussed it. It was fun asking the kids what they thought all the words meant.

And after that, we just hung out for a long time. Our hosts pulled up Disney+YourSoul, and we found an old live action Disney movie to watch: Emil and the Detectives. It was really cute and fun, but it had the same problem a lot of the Disney movies from that era that were filmed on location in other countries, which is that sometimes the action is very slow possibly so they can show us all the beauty of this new location. And the architecture and stuff was pretty great, but the lack of dialogue did make it hard for us to watch sometimes. Still, I liked it well enough overall, and Gustav was a great character.

After that the father of our hostess wanted to see something we worked on, so we had them pull up Amazon Prime and we watched Princess Principal. I really like that show. I think there were only the three of us watching, while the other adults continued the oil paintings they had started that morning and the kids were off doing kid things (which is good, because Princess Principal isn't a kids' show (still, it was really cute when the youngest girl came into the room and saw Ange and Dorothy in their ball gowns and said, "I'm just like them, because they're wearing dresses, and I'm wearing a dress!"), but they all got really excited when our names came up in the credits.

And then we sat down for dinner, with ice cream for dessert. It was just a really nice afternoon with good company, and I'm really grateful for it. We will have to find some time during the week to do our Come, Follow Me studies, though.

Today I'm thankful for another good Sunday with good friends, a lovely discussion about the Restoration Proclamation, getting to see an old live action Disney movie that we'd never seen before, our friends sharing their ice cream with us, and getting to partake of the sacrament again.
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