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No way!

Yesterday we opened our email and got something so surprising that I actually exclaimed, "No way!" which I think was even more surprising, because I seem to have convinced myself that no one ever actually says "no way," except for our little sister who only uses it ironically in a "thank you Captain Obvious" sort of way. But this time I meant it sincerely. I guess my southern California upbringing really has affected my speech. Like, totally.

The surprising email was a shipping confirmation for our Wizarding World crates. We hadn't gotten any of those since, like, March, I think? And they were the crates for the previous September and November (or October and December? the schedule keeps changing). Many weeks ago, we got a notice telling us to expect the next crates in June, if I remember correctly (which is a really big if), and I think some time after that, we might have gotten notice that the shipments were going to be delayed again. And because of all this, I had come to just not expect any Wizarding World crates ever again, hence the surprise.

I still have no idea what month these crates are supposed to be for, but I do hope they didn't just call the first half of the year a wash and reset the whole thing--we've already made payments for the whole year! Well, whatever happens, I'm not sure there's much we can do about it (except cancel our subscription, which we're already considering because we need to save money; they won't take our next payment until December, though, so we have time).

But the important thing is that we have now opened the crates and oh my goodness! It's like they made this whole crate for us!!!

The first thing we noticed was the inside of the box, which was covered in what appeared to be newspaper ads for the Weasleys' shop. And then! we noticed the t-shirts! They have Fred and George on them! In a kind of playing card style. You know, like on the face cards.

The next thing we pulled out was a fanny pack! That's not what they called it, because fanny is a dirty word in the UK, I think? But that's what it was, and I thought that was so great, because I am one of the weirdos who never stopped wearing a fanny pack. My current one is pretty beat-up now, too, so it will be good to have a backup. (It doesn't have as many compartments as my main one, so the main one is still the main one.) And! it has a niffler on it! And the zipper pull is a gold coin! (I don't remember wizarding currency names. It's a gold coin.) To go with that, the pin in this crate was also a niffler.

There was also a bottle of Cornish pixie confetti, and! a bookmark that is one of the best bookmarks ever. It's shaped like a little sock with a tassel on it, and it's knit and everything! and on one side there's stitching that reads "Dobby is a free elf!" Aaaahh, it's the best! And! a coin purse! that's designed to look like the Monster Book of Monsters! Oh my gosh, it's the cutest thing, I love it so much! And it's made of soft brown suede, and has the cutest little bead eyes... Aaahhh...

Today I'm thankful for actually getting new Wizarding World crates, getting another visit from Gulliver, managing to finish our simulpub for today (oh my goodness, it melted my brain, there were soooooo many words), the super cute and clever things that came in the Wizarding World crates, and getting to watch another episode of Floor Is Lava.
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