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Another day on the island

We did do some work today, but we mostly spent the day on the island. It was lunchtime, and we hadn't decided whether or not to keep doing our job (we didn't make as much progress as we hoped), when Grawp called, so that helped us to make up our minds. We visited him on his island until his own lunchtime, and soon after we got back from our lunch (which was postponed until we were done talking to Grawp), our sister called on behalf of Rosetta, who wanted to visit our island.

Rosetta still really likes the "lets bury stuff for each other" game. We may have created a monster. Fortunately, our tailor shop was selling hibiscus muumuus, and we were able to get her a pink one, and she loved it. In exchange, she gave us a bathrobe, which she didn't need because it was not pink. After that, she gave us a customization kit so we could change the robe's color. And that's where the trouble started.

We took the robe to one of our DIY tables to start the customization, but, unsurprisingly, the game would not let us customize the robe. We told her as much, and she and her brother were incredulous. I don't remember exactly how it went down, but we thought well, if she wants to see Athena's character in a different colored robe, we can make that happen, since we already had two bathrobes, courtesy of our island neighbors. We figured she wouldn't be too impressed with the black one, so we put on the light blue one and she was quite satisfied, even though the light blue one was basically almost white again. Maybe it looked more blue on her Switch than it did on our TV.

But now here we were deceiving small children, and we don't really like that idea, so we were going to tell her the truth. In fact, Athena started to say, "The truth is..." just as Rosetta said, "You're welcome for giving you that!" After that, it was hard to find a good chance to come clean. She was so proud of herself. And then her mother decided it was time to turn off the video games and get some exercise in the form of swimming.

On a happier note, Gilderoy, who had been watching Rosetta play, made sure to tell Aunt Athena that he really likes our island, and the next time we're all at Grandma's house, he's going to bring his Switch so she can help him decorate his island. ...Of course, this is also the kid who made it a point to tell us that he does not, in fact, think Rocco's house is a dump; he thinks it's nice. He was probably just being contrary, though. We had told the kids that Rocco could be mean, like when he called our other neighbor's house a dump, which wasn't fair because his house is more literally a dump (like, he decorates with a porta-potty). Perceptive little twerp that he is, he later had to make his mother call us (after asking his paternal aunt to call us, because she was the closest adult and it was THAT important) so he could point out how mean it was of us to call someone's house a dump after saying it was mean to call someone's house a dump. On the one hand, he's right, but in my defense, I was really only trying to point out the irony and hypocrisy on Rocco's side. But that just goes to show that even pointing out hypocrisy in others can be an act of hypocrisy. Let that be a lesson to all of us to stop being so quick to criticize.

Today I'm thankful for getting another mermaid DIY from Pascal, getting a new recipe from Celeste, already having a new neighbor to fill the void left by Simon, getting to hang out (over the phone) with our niece and nephews, and getting Harry Potter crates today!
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