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Don't be their guest!!

We ran out of stuff to do in Animal Crossing and actually had the self-control to turn it off this time! I mean, of course you can always find more to do in Animal Crossing, which is why self-control is necessary. And since we're planning to work tomorrow, we figured we ought to stop staying up late.

But there was still enough time to do something and watch an episode of Psych, and after we watched Tangled: The Musical yesterday they suggested we watch Disney's video of the Disney Cruise Line's version of Beauty and the Beast. Since it was only twenty minutes long, we figured we might as well check it out! We thought it was short because back in the '90s, they used to do stage versions of the new movies that were severely truncated, and we figured this was a similar thing, but it turns out it was not. The play itself is probably about an hour long, like the Tangled one and the Frozen one at California Adventure, but the video was an abridged version. That and the reminder that this version was based on Emma and the Beast rather than the good version had us wondering if maybe we should forget about it, but inertia is a powerful thing, so we watched the whole video.

Most of it was just a quick narration over clips of the scenes that were being narrated, but two numbers were shown in their entirety: Be Our Guest, and Beauty and the Beast. Be Our Guest was...something. We never really noticed it until we saw this version, but the Broadway version (which this version used at least part of) adds a verse with singing pork and dancing veal, and when I heard that, I was like, "Wait a minute..." And then for part of the dance fact, most of the song...had ensemble members dressed like food. And in part of it, Belle was actually eating the food. And I was like, "Wait a minute--the servants turned into objects, not food! SHE'S EATING PEOPLE!!!!" I was a little disturbed by that. I'm going to blame Tim Rice, because we knew we'd heard those lyrics before, so just to make sure, we checked the demo track of the song on our Music Behind the Magic CDs, and the disturbing lyrics were not there.

It just adds to my opinion that some storytellers these days are so concerned with their spectacles that they forget about consistency and story integrity. Sigh.

Anyway. The costumes and makeup were pretty great. From what we could tell, they left out most of the Emma and the Beast story changes, so the main story really was still based on the good version, but since we got the abbreviation of the show, it's possible that it's a bit of a hybrid. At any rate, I'm kind of wanting to campaign to get that verse of Be Our Guest changed...

Today I'm thankful for catching a pop-eyed goldfish in Animal Crossing, Grawp remembering us and giving us a call today, having a Music Behind the Magic CD to help us check things like original demo lyrics, finishing our simulpubs today, and getting to work on Noragami tomorrow!
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