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It's a musical!

Sacrament meeting was canceled today, so, as we wondered what to do with ourselves, we remembered that the Disney Parks Blog had posted a video of the entire Disney Cruise Line's "Tangled: The Musical." Athena and I had the same question: It wasn't a musical before...? Well, this is a musical, regardless of what the original was, and anyway, it was a stage version of the movie that they show on the cruises, but since cruises are all canceled for the foreseeable future, Disney is kindly posting videos of their shows on the internets. There was a time when we would be like, "No! We'll see it live and in person someday! No spoilers!!" But Disney cruises are super expensive, and, I don't know, I guess we just don't care as much anymore. So we watched it!!

Aaaand our reaction is pretty much what anyone who knows us can expect. The visuals were stunning, but we have some notes. And I'm really not sure if I should go on with this, because I'm trying not to be so hypercritical of everything, but I also want to say everything that's on my mind about it. I think the main thing, and I feel that this can be constructive criticism, is that I felt that the actors didn't seem to understand their roles. Like when Rapunzel was telling Flynn that she didn't want to give him the tiara because she was scared, we didn't really get the sense that the actress knew what Rapunzel was scared of. Or like when she was afraid that seeing the lanterns would turn out to be everything she hoped it would be.

I mean, it seems like the kind of fear that would be hard to understand, because it seems contradictory, so maybe we're just jumping to conclusions when we assume that she said the line the way she did because she didn't understand the fear. And so I feel the need to explain it. When you live the kind of life Rapunzel does, where it's not the worst ever, but it's not really that great, either, and you have one super big gigantic thing that you've been looking forward to your whole life, and it feels like everything you've done has led up to that moment...and you think about that moment being over...then what are you going to do with the rest of your tower-imprisoned life? Flynn's answer seems like the obvious one, but because this had been Rapunzel's dream for sooooooo long, it's kind of hard to realize the obvious, "Oh yeah, I can just find something else to look forward to."

Anyway. In defense of the actress who played Rapunzel, we really, really appreciated that her excitement and enthusiasm generally sounded sincere, because we've recently had a thing against this portrayal we've seen of bubbly girls where the actresses seem to be like, "Hey, like, I'm totally gonna be a super hyper valley girl, because that's what girls are like, right? YAY!" And we're always like, "Is that what you were like as a teenager? I kind of doubt it." It kind of sounds like they're mocking the role as they play it. But this Rapunzel didn't come across that way, so that was really nice.

So the play was a nice diversion, even if we were constantly pausing it to explain to the actors and/or play adaptation writers why things happened in the movie the way they did. (We had no problems with them shortening the whole dam scene to just a quick, "Watch out for the booby trap!", which is to say, we understand some changes needed to be made, but there were a couple of changes that had us side-eyeing the show pretty hard.) And the best part was that there were three original Alan Menken songs that weren't in the movie, and they were really good!

And now we're dreaming of starting our own theatre troupe again. We just have this idea that, in theory, we really like plays. But so far, in practice, that hasn't really been the case. But I believe that it could be the case! ...In the mythical time.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see the stage version of Tangled, reminders that there are some incredibly good things about the movie Tangled (I really want to see Mother Knows Best: Reprise again), the fun melody on the narration song in the stage version, getting to read more of the Adventures of Captain Hatteras, and not being a member of Captain Hatteras's crew.
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