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Bug-Off returns!

Today was mostly a day of bug catching. Not real bug catching--that's gross. ...Okay, we're not actually that grossed out by bugs, but we are a little grossed out by the idea of touching them. But there was a Bug-Off in Animal Crossing today, and we spent an inordinate amount of time participating in it. Athena beat her record and has now managed to catch ten whole bugs in three minutes!

We managed to rack up 259 points! So now we finally have a bug wand and a bug aloha shirt! In fact, we got three of each. Apparently Flick only actually has about twelve different things to give away, and we got most of them last month. I think we have five toy cockroaches now. It's a little sad; the novelty wears off reeeeal quick when you suddenly have three or four of them. I guess they don't expect most people to spend several hours on the Bug-Off on one Saturday. But it was fun hunting for bugs anyway.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see Flick again, getting to catch lots of bugs, getting a bug wand, getting a bug aloha shirt, and the grocery store having plenty of pizza for us to buy this week.
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