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Almost back to work

We finally finished the first week in The World Ends With You! I wanted to mention last time, we think the translation is pretty okay for the most part, but there are a few bits we'd like to tweak. Have translators these days figured out that there are better ways to translate "ano toki" than "that time"? We've been making it a point to avoid reading subtitles these days, because we always end up being hyper critical like we're being right now. Maybe we should make it a point of reading the subtitles or not, but just, like, not criticizing them.

What else did we do today? Animal Crossing... OH YEAH!!!! We got an email from an editor that means we'll have to get back to work next week, but that's okay, because it's on NORAGAMI!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!! The last volume left off just when it was getting good...or really bad. Probably really bad, but that's all the more reason we have to see what happens next! It has to happen so they can go on to fix it!

And I think that's it. Pretty uneventful day.

Today I'm thankful for getting to play more of The World Ends With You, finally getting to make a flower crown for our niece, getting to read more Noragami soon (actually, we were thinking if we didn't hear from our publisher soon, we might just get a head start on it ourselves), getting a super stylish shirt from Label, and having cran-white peach juice.
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