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Today turned out to be way more intense than we expected it to be. It's partly our own fault, because we're on a Quest for information, which required us to talk to people. But we also wanted to get our simulpub out of the way, so we had Facebook open in order to chat, we were talking to our sister on the phone, and we were doing research for this simulpub all at the same time, and it turns out that's not really a great idea. We did eventually get everything under control, but we didn't get the vital information.

You see, Disney+YourSoul has finally found something that is more compelling to us even than Hercules: The Animated Series, which really took a lot of will power to turn away from. ...Okay, so maybe it didn't take that much will power, but only because we haven't seen the series in over a decade, so our connection to it has grown weaker. This connection weakening is something we would like to avoid, however, with a certain series you may have heard us talking about called Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Chat Noir. Last night it came to our attention that Netflix's license for the series will expire, and when that happens, the only place for us to watch it (as well as the place for premieres of certain special episodes) will be Disney+YourSoul. We had hoped to avoid giving Disney more of our money, because heaven knows we give them enough as it is, and we really don't like the idea of them monopolizing everything...but we can't go without Miraculous.

Actually, we can, and we have. But Disney+YourSoul will have seasons four and five, and after the finale to season three destroyed us, we are very keen on seeing the continuation make it right again. But there is one very important criteria that must be met, or we will be deprived of Miraculous forever: there must be French audio. And so we were trying to find out if the people we know who already have subscriptions could check on that for us, but Cecille for some reason can't find the show, and our sister couldn't find audio options (we're thinking this is not a good sign).

Speaking of our sister! We actually didn't call her. She called us, and it was the cutest thing. There we were, watching videos for research as we try to find the scraps of information that were relevant to our simulpub, and one of those scraps comes up, so I pause the video. I hear my phone ringing. I pick it up, and this adorable little voice asks, "How do I start over in Animal Crossing?" This particular voice belonged to Hermie, that family's Resident Representative, and we were like, "Oooohhhh nooooo, it's the end of the world [for their island]!!!"

Shortly thereafter, the girl's mother explained that she wanted to change her avatar so she could have starry eyes. Even as a grownup, I think it's a logical conclusion--you can't just change your eyes--I must have to start over with a new character. (I mean, she could probably have just started a new game and had two avatars like Grawp, but...) But anyway, we were relieved that their island was saved from destruction, because we were able to tell them that they just needed to get a mirror, and Hermie could change her eyes to whatever she wanted.

After that, we hadn't talked to our sister in a while, so we just kept chatting. It was nice. We did end up wreaking havoc with our schedule, however, so we were a little bit late getting to the new Pokemon tournament that's going on. It's just for Isle of Armor Pokemon, and since we haven't been able to play the expansion much, we were woefully unprepared for such an event, but we lost a few battles anyway, and it was kind of fun. We weren't as utterly destroyed as we thought we'd be, so that was nice, too.

We got back to Animal Crossing, and we decided to go on an island tour, and oh my goodness, you guys. We go to this island, and it's very strange. There are seven rocks in a circle in the middle, and a zillion weeds and tulips, and mountains on each of the four corners, kind of curved to create a circular, almost arena-type effect. And in the middle of this arena were...scorpions!!! Dun dun DUN!!!

We were actually pretty excited about this, because we'd come across scorpions a few times on our island, and we always wanted to catch one, but they always sting us so fast and then they're gone! We felt like each encounter brought us a liiiiittle bit closer to figuring out the secret to catching them, and now that we were on an island with more than one of them, we figured this was our chance! Especially when we got stung and discovered that not only were they not going to send us all the way back to our island, but the scorpions respawned, so there seemed to be an infinite number of them. We finally learned the secret, and now that we know, it seems like they won't be so hard to catch in the future, as long as they stay where we can see them. Nevertheless, we only caught two, mainly because it was getting late, and we hadn't found Pascal yet. We're hoping we run into that island again so we can get three scorpions and have Flick make a model for us, but at least now we're confident we can catch them if we spot them on our island.

And that was the end of our very intense day. Although we did also watch a kind of intense episode of Psych, and we came back to the internet to discover a discussion about the horrors of working in publishing and thinking, "Wow, somebody really needs to do something about this." That's going to take a lot of brainstorming, I think.

Today I'm thankful for the intensity of our day being mostly related to fun things, finally catching scorpions in Animal Crossing, getting to talk to our sister, managing to finish that simulpub chapter, and our niece's island not having to be destroyed.
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