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Video game day

We wanted to marathon The World Ends With You today, and in order to maximize our time on it, we set an alarm to wake us up. I'm starting to wonder if our problem with work was less burnout and more sleep deprivation, but I'm pretty sure burnout was a big part of it. Having to pull myself out of bed is not helping things, though. The alarm was for two hours later than yesterday, and one hour later than our usual work alarm. ...I really just don't know.

But anyway! The World Ends With You is so much fun! The Switch version has co-op mode, too, so we can both play and give our thumbs blisters. It's really hard to figure out the most ergonomic way to hold one of those teeny tiny Switch controllers. But back to the game, I've always really loved the art style,'s...maybe a little sad how much we tend to agree with Neku. What's the point of having friends? They're just a bunch of work and heartache. (<--This is just our attitude when we're at our most pessimistic. We don't feel this way when we're dealing with our real friends...unless they're being a hassle.)

I seem to remember from the last time we played that one of the main points of the game is that he learns to be more optimistic, so maybe the game will help us learn to be more optimistic, too!

We made it almost all the way through the first week, but since Tuesdays are our days to call Mom, we switched to Animal Crossing at about dinnertime. Very soon after that, Grawp called! And we got to play Animal Crossing together! ...Well, in parallel, which is how we usually play video games "with" Grawp. Still no meteor shower. We hope we can get one before Cancer is over, but I'm worried that that ship has already sailed. Zodiac cusps are so tricky. On the bright side, we noticed some buds on our hibiscus bushes! And we got a super cool faux cow skull hat!

Today I'm thankful for getting to play The World Ends With You, getting to play Animal Crossing with Grawp and eventually Mom, Wisp giving us a desk that goes with the classroom set up we have in one of our rooms (...which we were probably going to rearrange soon...), getting to look forward to a new gift from Gulliver, and our super cool cow skull hat.
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