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Crack of dawn

Today we did something ridiculous and got up at six in the morning so we could try to catch fish and bugs in Animal Crossing. This is why video games are stupid. But we knew there were walking sticks and great white sharks and we hadn't seen hide or hair of any of them, and we are determined to fill our Pokedex Critterpedia!

So we got up at six. And we felt awful. Like, physically, we felt ill. We are not good with early mornings. But the lighting on our island was really lovely. I think dawn as portrayed in anime is much prettier than the dawns I've seen in real life, but maybe that's just the sleep deprivation talking.

And then it turned out that Flick was on our island! So we caught enough bugs to pay for a new flight of stairs! We also managed to catch a walking stick and, finally, a great white shark. And thus we learned that they keep more reasonable hours in July, so we don't have to stay up late or wake up ridiculously early to catch another one.

After that, we were sort of planning to spend the day marathoning The World Ends With You, but we knew we might have a weekly simulpub coming in, and that is indeed what happened. So instead, we worked on that, went grocery shopping, and got in our Ring Fit Adventure workouts. Exercise really can make you feel better about life, which is weird, because it also makes you hate your life.

And then we played more Animal Crossing. We still haven't managed to catch a giraffe stag, but we did get a horned elephant. ...I kind of wish we could get an actual giraffe, stag, and elephant...

Today I'm thankful for catching some new critters in Animal Crossing, getting our weekly simulpub finished, having more juice to look forward to, Flick visiting the island, and having plans to play lots of The World Ends With You tomorrow.
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