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Surprise bonding time

Our plans for the day were not very detailed, which is good, because they were derailed pretty early on. We were just about to go swimming on our Animal Crossing island and see what Pascal was going to give us fact, we were already in the water when Mom called. She was babysitting our niece, who wanted very much to visit our island. In fact, she was so excited about it that when Grandma told her she could visit our island and talk on the phone with us while she did it, she started pumping her fist. How can we say no to that?

It was actually pretty fun...but like the mythical Animaniacs cartoon where they had flypaper stuck to their fannies. It just went on too long is all. See, last time this niece visited our island, she wanted to dig up fossils, but we had already dug them all up. So instead, we were going to bury something for her to dig up, but her turn ended so we didn't get to. We had even bought her a cute skirt and wrapped it in gold wrapping paper. And since we had it all ready for her, we thought it would be a fun thing to do while she visited, to break up the monotony of just wandering around hitting stuff or whatever.

This turned out to be such a good idea that Rosetta decided it's what we were going to do, like, all day. It was really very sweet of her, though. Her pockets, apparently, tend to be full of clothes, so she would pull something out of her pockets and bury it for us, and then it was our turn to bury something for her. Sometimes we felt bad, because we figured it was something she really liked and now she was giving it to us.

Eventually she ran out of things to bury for us, and we had each gotten a hibiscus hair clip (which of course we buried for each other to find), so we wanted to put on our hula outfit to show her, but then she wanted to put on her own hula outfit, which she didn't have on her. So now it was time for us to visit her island. At one point I did start to wonder how this was going on for so long, so I asked how Grandma and Grandpa came to be at her house today, and Grandpa informed us that they were babysitting while her mother took her brother to a birthday party. Aahh, that explains why no one is telling her it's time to turn off the Switch (or give it to Gilderoy).

While we were visiting her island, we started fishing for some reason. I don't remember why, but Rosetta took it upon herself not to try fishing, but to find fish for us to catch. So she would run down the river and say, "Catch that one!" as soon as she found a fish. This is how we caught a betta on her island...which was apparently the first one ever caught on that island, because Rosetta saw it and was like, "I want that fish!" in a tone that indicated she hadn't seen one before. It is very frilly and cute. We checked their museum after that and indeed they do not have a betta. But Blathers wouldn't let us donate it. They wouldn't let us leave it on the island for her, either. And we couldn't send it by postcard, either, which, frankly, makes a lot of sense, but come on, it's a video game!

We also showed her our mermaid princess outfit, and she wanted it very badly. She was like, "Why can't you just give it to me right now!?" Well, because the dress was our own original design. So we promised to send her the tiara hair via postcard (we had two tiara hairs, because Rosetta's own brother gave us one last time he visited our island--as to why he had one and she didn't...), and we replied to her mother's text (which was sent almost immediately after we left the island, because Rosetta insisted that her mother make sure we Not Forget) to let her know the design's code so she could download it at her own tailor shop. I admit, it feels nice to have something we designed be in such high demand.

We hung out with Rosetta in Animal Crossing for two and three-quarter hours. It was fun, but it was a little hard, because we hadn't gotten to meet Pascal yet, or get our house ready for tomorrow's HHA inspection, or do our real life grocery shopping, which was kind of important. So we decided to summon a few groceries from the internet and do our real shopping next week. They're going to wreak havoc with our schedule, but that's how it goes sometimes.

Today I'm thankful for having some bonding time with Rosetta, all of the lovely clothes she gave us in Animal Crossing, at least getting to share our mermaid princess outfit if we couldn't let her have a betta (hopefully someone on her island manages to catch one soon), the ability to summon groceries from the internet, and eventually getting to summon Pascal.
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