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Today we thought it might be nice to do something other than play Animal Crossing for once. What with the upcoming anime of The World Ends With You, the Dark Road update of Kingdom Hearts Union Cross, and the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy IX (our very favorite), there are many video games we want to play. But we're afraid of commitment, so we decided to go with something we were already in the middle of: Pokemon Shield Isle of Armor.

It turned out to be a difficult choice, not because Pokemon is in any way difficult (unless you're playing in tournaments or something), but because we're still not sure how we want to approach the game in regards to our nephew. He seems to have lost interest in it, but shortly before he did, we were playing together and we'd ask, "Should I catch a Chancey?" "No!" "Darnit, I let that Comfey faint!" "That's okay, I'll catch you one!" "What I really want is a Polywag," "I know where to get those--I'll get you one!" And we want to let him be the hero and catch us the Pokemons, but when Chanceys and Polywags are suddenly all over the place and the child hasn't spoken to us about Pokemon in weeks, it gets to be a little trying.

We didn't catch any of the Pokemon that we had specifically discussed with him--in fact, we spent most of our time playing running away from Pokemon while searching for Digletts. (There's a guy on the Isle of Armor who will trade you Alolan forms of Pokemons in exchange for finding his lost 151 Digletts.) We did catch a few things, and we went one step forward in the story, and then it was dinnertime.

After dinner, we decided to check in on Animal Crossing, and while we were going around collecting DIY materials, the game informed us that our mother and our nephew were online. Clearly they had arranged for one of them to visit the other's island, and we were determined to crash that party. So we went to the airport, and poor Orville felt so bad all five times he looked for a friend's island to let us visit and couldn't find any. Well, fine. We went off to do other things.

And then Mom called. In fact, Grawp was inviting her over to his island, and they decided to invite us, too! Awwwwww! Now we feel loved again. There was a bit of a bummer when we tried to bring up Pokemon and couldn't get the nephew to react. It would be one thing if he reacted and was like, "Oh, yeah, whatever, I'm over it." Then we'd just go catch all the Pokemons and not worry about his feelings. But as it is, we don't know if he even registered that Pokemon was a thing. But it's all okay, because it turns out there was a meteor shower on Grawp's island tonight. Or at least a few shooting stars. They weren't falling constantly, but they weren't super rare, either. The bad news is that we discovered this about fifteen minutes before he had to turn the game off and go to bed. But I think we all got to make a handful of wishes.

And! we made a suit of gold armor.

Today I'm thankful for Mom and Grawp inviting us to their Animal Crossing party, getting to wish on some stars, getting to catch a Sandshrew, having an Alolan Raichu (we had a Pikachu in Pokemon Moon, but we never evolved it...), and Grawp letting us take some stuff from his island for our DIY projects.
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