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One of our neighbors in Animal Crossing mysteriously started using speech quirks from our other neighbors, and we must have missed the conversation where she explained why she was doing that, because we have no idea what's going on and it's confusing and weird.

So we have Simon as one of our neighbors, and some of you may know that his normal speech quirk is to say "zzzook." We think it's cute and fitting for a monkey, but he asked us twice if he should change it up, and the second time, we thought, "What happens if you say yes?" so we told him to go ahead and change it, not realizing that he would ask us what he should change it to. Fortunately, we didn't have to think too long to figure something out, and I say "we" but I really mean Athena. Since he's a monkey, and his original quirk was zzzook, we combined that with the Japanese word for monkey (saru) and the French word for hello (salut, which can also mean, "Bye" or "Later!"), and now we have him saying zalut. (That's pronounced with the emphasis on the second syllable, and the T is silent, because it's French.)

And we liked that pretty well for him...but then Gwen the penguin started using it, and she didn't even talk to us about it! And it kind of fits for her, because her personality is a little classy, and using French is a little classy, but the monkey pun is lost entirely.

On top of that! Simon gave Athena the nickname of "wonder bud," which we like pretty well. Fuschia, Iggly, and Graham all adopted it, too, and it was good times. Then just yesterday, not to be outdone, Mr. Smartypants Graham decided that "wonder bud" wasn't good enough, so he thought up a better nickname: rutabaga. It makes no sense, and kind of reminds me of a little girl we used to babysit, but we were like, "Okay, sure, go with it." And it seems fitting of Graham, because he's just the kind of Smart Person who would say nonsensical things in an attempt to appear deep or whatever.

But then Gwen started calling Athena rutabaga, too! And it's so weird, because Iggly, Fuschia, and even Graham all asked if it was okay to start calling her wonder bud, but here Gwen is just throwing around everybody's catchphrases like she's been using them all the time. Athena seems to remember being asked about the rutabaga thing...and now that she mentions it, maybe I do, too...but the zalut thing is still a mystery.

Maybe that's just one of Gwen's things, that she just takes other people's speech quirks. We'll see if she says something about it when she's finally done making pretty cosmos wreaths. (On the plus side, we now have a recipe for, and have finished making, a pretty cosmos wreath.)

(We also got a recipe from Aurora for a woodland wall, and we're dying to use it, but we weeded the entire island and then used all of the weeds to make a hedge maze, so now we have to save up weeds again. We thought of going to another island and pulling all the weeds there, but we were being stubborn because we still had one lot of land to sell, and we didn't want to recruit someone from an island, we wanted them to come to us. That's why we were so excited this morning to find out we had a camper visiting today--another penguin, Flo! After visiting for the first time, we walked outside of the campsite to see that the plot of land, just to the south, had already been sold! To someone named Flurry. Is it another penguin...? We'll find out tomorrow!)

Today I'm thankful for lots of exciting things happening on the island today (we also got our first visit from Gullivarr!), those things leading to exciting things to happen tomorrow (what will we get from Gullivarr? we're getting a new stairway! we decided to expand our house again!), having pink hyacinths, getting a package (probably the ocarinas we ordered, but we haven't opened it yet, and the return address doesn't have a name), and getting a mermaid shelf recipe from Pascal.
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