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We had plans to play Pokemon today, which, ironically, were derailed by our nephew. We finished our regular Animal Crossing for the day, we had just had lunch, and we were about to do chores when he called and asked to play not Pokemon, but Animal Crossing. He had finally added a villager to their island from the account that has internet access, and he wanted to visit our island. It was fun, except that he deliberately tore up all our flowers, the little punk. I tried to tell him to stop, but it gets so chaotic on those phone calls, I don't think he processed what I was saying.

Nevertheless, today was productive. Mom did our taxes, so we gout our first payment done on those. Last time I actually checked how much we still owed for 2018, there was so much left, I thought maybe I'd accidentally been making payments for 2019, but I finally managed to check on those and it turns out we really just owed that much money for 2018. On the bright(?) side, we made significantly less money in 2019, so the amount we owe for this year feels like a breath of fresh air in comparison. Ha, ha, ha...

We also finally pulled Ring Fit Adventure back out of hiding. We didn't play it much--way too out of shape for that. But the stretching exercises (warm-up and cool down) felt really really good. I'm excited to hopefully keep up with the exercise and get strong again!

Today I'm thankful for having a pretty good time playing Animal Crossing alone and with people, having our taxes done, getting to try chocolate peanut butter brownie mug treats, getting some exercise, and today being relatively cool.
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