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Baby steps

Not much to report today. We translated our weekly simulpub chapter and then we took an Animal Crossing break, and then...we were going to do chores, but our nephew called. He did turn on Pokemon Sword, but only to find something out, and as soon as he found it out (the thing about the guy in the Battle Tower...), he switched to Animal Crossing. I guess now that he's gone through all the Pokemon story stuff, he's mostly done with it, and thus we have outlived our usefulness. But he called us anyway, so we can be pretty sure he still loves us.

We did manage to get our chores done after that. We're still super averse to doing anything resembling a "hafta," so we're taking it very very slow. Just, like, five minutes at a time. Baby steps.

Today I'm thankful for getting to talk to our nephew, getting our tiny chores done, finishing our weekly simulpub (it was a little extra tough this week!), getting to sort of build a hedge maze in Animal Crossing, and the weather being a little cooler today.
Tags: animal crossing, cleaning, family stuff

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