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Fishing Tournament

Someone in our complex was just listening to some really nice music. I don't know what it was, but it had some cool trumpet action going on.

Anyway, today was the Fishing Tourney in Animal Crossing! We didn't get to spend as much time on it as we wanted, because something came up. Our stake wants to have a musical broadcast in a couple of weeks, and since we're our ward's Music People, our bishop called and asked us to help out, so we attended the Zoom meeting about how we're going to get a big finale number without breaking the physical distancing guidelines. It seemed like an obvious solution to us (record the verses separately using the same accompaniment, splice), but I guess that's a lot of work, because the one guy at the meeting whose job, it came out later, is to do exactly that kind of thing, seemed reluctant to bring it up. Sorry I added to your workload, sir! We tried to keep it as simple as possible.

We did finally get back to the fishing tournament. We were sure there was no possible chance we would get the trophy, since fishing is a lot trickier than bug catching. We didn't think ahead of time that we should have come prepared with lots of fish bait. So we made some and tried that for a while, but then we got tired of digging for clams, so we opted for the "run around and see how many fish you can find" strategy...and it turns out that one worked at least as well.

The ultimate tragedy, though, is that we kept doing tournaments right up until time was out--Athena even pulled a goby out of the river just after time ran out. And the final tally is that we had 99 points. Just one more and we could have gotten a trophy. ...Unless CJ doesn't give a trophy at 100 points like Flick did. Now we won't know until next season, alas. But all the fish gear we traded for was pretty sweet.

Today I'm thankful for making better progress in the Fishing Tourney than we thought, not having to buy a super lot of groceries today, working out the music thing without too much trouble, having Snickers ice cream bars, and the super cute fish pochette we got from CJ.
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