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Convention shopping!

We got a payment recently, which meant we are temporarily not broke! That being the case, we decided to splurge a little and do some of the shopping we would have done at Anime Expo, if Anime Expo hadn't been canceled. So we went to Bellzi's website and ordered a mystery plush!! That's been an AX tradition of ours for about four years now.

Another thing that we did not set out to make into a tradition but has sort of become one by accident is to buy a new ocarina. We figured we were done after the Sailor Moon transformation brooch one, but then, since all the conventions where the one ocarina place usually sells got canceled, they were advertising online and you know we can't resist browsing ocarinas. So we're looking around their site and I think it started when we were looking at what sheet music they have (that's another thing I like to do for no discernible reason--ocarinas only play the melody, and we can figure those out without sheet music), and they guys. They had the theme to Miraculous.

That's when we started thinking about how, since they make circular ocarinas, they could make one to look like Ladybug's yo-yo. But then we realized that the director of Miraculous loves people make fanworks, but he does not love them selling those works without the legal rights. And that's a take we can get behind ourselves, so we respect it. But then! the ocarina place respected it too, and instead of making an ocarina that looks like Ladybug's yo-yo, they made one that looks like a ladybug! Aaaaaahhh!!!!

So of course we had to get it. And while we were there, we noticed their pretty ocarina necklaces, so we got one of those, too. And how much time has Athena spent practicing any of her lovely ocarinas? ...Not much. But! we're getting to a point in Animal Crossing where we run out of stuff to do pretty quickly, and we're realizing it might be time to start, like, being productive again.

But we're still pretty averse to the idea, so for today, we decided to fill in another gap in our pop culture knowledge, which for all we know is no longer ever going to be relevant, but we did it anyway and we have now finally seen Back to the Future. Tadah! We actually liked it better than we thought we would. The part towards the end before the lightning struck started to drag a fair amount, but other than that, the pacing was good, the characters were fun. It was kind of simple, and I think that might be a big part of what we liked about it. Complex stories are great, too, but sometimes, you just need something simple.

Today I'm thankful for having new "convention" stuff to look forward to getting in the mail, Flick visiting our island today (Sylvana visited our campsite, too, and she was so super cute! but she didn't want to move in, even though everything she said was like, "Wow, this island is so great, I wish I could live here."), having finally seen Back to the Future, overhearing conversations outside that indicate the construction next door might actually have an end (unless I was hearing things wrong...), and having chocolate to satisfy (or at least mitigate) the cravings brought on by all the desserts they were eating in The Baby-Sitters Club.
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