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Stood up

Today was a little trying because our Nook's Cranny was closed for renovations. So much for playing Animal Crossing all day. But that's okay, because we had to go grocery shopping anyway. Now we have grape juice, and that's important.

We've also been stood up by small children more than once this week. On Sunday, Grawp said he'd call us "tomorrow," and we haven't heard from him. (In his defense, he said "maybe tomorrow.") Then today, Celeste called, and that was nice, because we were going a little stir crazy and needed company, especially because The Miserables still had us in a bit of a funk. This is why it's important to regulate the types of entertainment you consume.

But the point is, while we were on the phone with Celeste, we hear this cute little voice on the other end going, "Can I visit their island, please?" We were all ready to go to our airport and open the gates! ...But her turn was almost over, so her mom said no, and about two minutes later we saw that her brother was now playing Animal Crossing. So the plan was to call when she got her next turn with the Switch and she would come visit, which would be great, because we wanted to send them both postcards, and she hasn't been to our island yet. And we suspect that if we send the brother postcards without also sending them to the sister, there could be trouble.

...I should probably point out that we've had this great idea of sending postcards to all our Animal Crossing friends for weeks now and never followed through. Maybe the children standing us up is karma. But we only told one other person about this plan, and we told her right before Page died, and the emotional blow of that event kind of blew that entire idea out of our heads.

Anyway. Our niece never got back to us. We might send her mother a text about it tomorrow, inviting her to visit at her earliest convenience.

In happier(?) news, we think we solved the mystery of Pascal not giving people things. See, we mentioned Pascal when we were on the phone with Grawp on Sunday, and Grawp said that Pascal visited but didn't give him anything! And we were like, "What? That doesn't make any sense." So I Googled it, and other people had the same problem, but nobody could figure out what it was. ...They sort of could. In some cases, they were able to determine that Pascal had given them a pearl, which they didn't notice at first, because if you already have a pearl, it just adds to your count instead of taking up more room in your pockets.

The point is. It happened to us today! Pascal came by, and he said he left us something, so we checked our pockets, and nothing! We thought maybe we hadn't been keeping proper track of how many pearls we had, but then we noticed something. Athena had been keeping track of what was in her pockets and where the extra space was (because Nook's Cranny was closed, so we had to monitor that fairly closely, since we couldn't just sell everything off). She noticed that in the spot where a new item should have appeared...there was another scallop! So it would seem that sometimes Pascal will trade you a scallop for a scallop. He's just a weird dude, that's all.

Today I'm thankful for having grape juice, cheese pizza being in stock at the grocery store, finally managing to get the landscaping just right so we could build a bridge where we wanted one (we prefer to leave nature unaltered, but we really needed a bridge there), Celeste calling when we needed company, and having milk for our cereal again.
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