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Ah, kids...

Today was one of the rare Sundays when Grawp called during his Switch time. He started by asking, "Should I play Pokemon Sword or Animal Crossing?" It sounded like he was already playing Animal Crossing, though, so we're not entirely sure what the point of the question was. Maybe if we were playing Pokemon, he wanted to switch over. Or maybe we just misheard it.

Anyway, he decided he wanted to talk to us about Animal Crossing instead of Grandma, because he's pretty sure Grandma has played Animal Crossing more than we have, and therefore she would know more about it. In other words, he could show off his knowledge better to us. We decided not to tell him that we pay attention to who of our Switch friends has their Switch on when we're playing (which has been almost constant this last week), and we're reasonably confident that we have logged several more hours on Animal Crossing. ...This is not necessarily something to brag about. But we're on vacation, so it's okay.

So we let him tell us about the sea creatures he caught...and I think that's all he talked about, really. It didn't last super long, though, because his Switch time ran out and his mother made him relinquish the console to one of his siblings. He said we could still talk, though, so we talked for about two minutes, and then he said, "You can go now." I may have mentioned that he has said this to us before, and it's always with a tone that says, "Why are you still talking to me, peasant?" So Athena cheerfully said, "Okay, I'll talk to you later!" and his tone brightened as he said, "Yeah, maybe tomorrow!" Then he explained that he has to do chores tomorrow, so it might not be until about lunchtime. And Athena was like, "Great, that's when I'll be awake and functional."

And then we remembered that lunchtime is about the time we like to go grocery shopping, and we're kiiiiind of running out of food. And our weekly simulpub chapter is in. ...We actually have until Wednesday to finish that one, so it's not a super big deal, but we are going to have to figure out our schedule.

Today I'm thankful for getting to talk to Grawp, getting to check out the new Babysitter's Club series, the fireworks activity being significantly diminished from last night, our sacrament meeting friends being back from their adventures, and getting to read more Jules Verne.
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