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Anime Expo Lite

The big convention was canceled this year, but we did get to watch some panels for Anime Expo Lite! We actually only watched one today--the one for Kodansha USA! They...didn't really have much new to announce. In fact, they announced a bunch of things that they announced last year. After that, we were more interested in playing Animal Crossing and watching BNA. The new swimming feature has indeed turned out to be more interesting than we expected...but it's still super slow. Anyway, we've already caught more than half the sea creatures!

We watched...or listened to...a bunch more panels yesterday. The best was Pony Canyon's Canime panel. Oh my gosh, you guys, it was the cutest thing. There was one part where two voice actresses who are far from fluent in English basically tried to improvise a commercial for their Canime English. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life. Before the segment started, there was a black screen with text that said, "Our voice actors don't know English. Please read the captions." The whole segment was subtitled so that it all made sense. Oh, but it was the best.

I think other than that, we mostly just watched (or listened to) industry panels. There were some cool announcements, I guess...

And oh yeah!!! The World Ends With You!!!! There's going to be an anime! And that was announced a little while ago, but there was a panel about it at Anime Expo Lite! And it was so cool!!! We're so excited to see it! They're having a sale on the Switch version of the game, so if we weren't broke this weekend, we would have already bought it! I have no idea when we're going to play it, since we can't seem to extract ourselves from Animal Crossing, but we'll have it!

...And I think that's all the exciting stuff that's happened this weekend. Except that Snake the ninja bunny was camping on our island but refuses to move in. It's okay, I guess; we respect his decision. But we do hope he comes by to visit, because he's kind of hilarious. We do already have a neighbor who's obsessed with working out, too, so it's really just as well to only have him occasionally. He said he needed a rival, though, and Iggly would be perfect! It really is okay though. He has kind of a weird face.

We are currently surrounded by the low rumbling of explosions and the smell of gun powder. Ahh, the Fourth of July.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch some AX panels, getting to see a round table discussion with people involved in The World Ends With You, the super cutest voice actor segment of all time, already having a mermaid clock a la Animal Crossing DIY (now we have three scallops and three pearls--where's Pascal!?), and the cool night air.
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