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Not at Anime Expo

Today was to be the first day of Anime Expo, but that got cancelled, so we're not there. The "lite" version starts on YouTube tomorrow, though, and we intend to watch some panels! ...Assuming we don't get too absorbed in the new update for Animal Crossing. We saw the news and it was all, "Animal Crossing update lets you swim!" and we were like, "Whatever, swimming's lame." (Our most recent experience with swimming is Kingdom Hearts. It's not fun in any of the games.) (Yes, we have been swimming in Kingdom Hearts more recently than in real life. It just seems to be such a hassle to get a swimsuit on and off.)

But then! I was trying to find information about the latest Pokemon update, because there's supposed to be something about playing with Pokemon from previous games. I couldn't find that, but while I was at it, I figured I'd look into when this Animal Crossing update was supposed to happen, and it said something about getting mermaid DIY recipes from swimming! And since we have a shell wand, of course we NEED mermaid stuff. ...Of course, for all we know, none of the recipes will be for clothes, but we have a backup plan for that.

Anyway. It being Anime Expo weekend, we decided to try the new anime that hit Netflix, BNA. It's pretty interesting so far, but I guess I don't have anything else to say about it.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch a neat new anime, being almost halfway to finishing our next bridge, not being entirely deprived of Anime Expo this year, the hope that the construction on the next unit is maybe super close to done if not finished already, and the yummy mug cake + Ghirardelli chocolate we had for dessert last night.
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