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Groceries, how I have missed thee

We have groceries!! Oh, how long it's been since we've had groceries. And our anime buddy took us to a grocery store that's cheaper than the Vons we've been going to, so we didn't spend as much on stuff. Oh, the happiness.

We ended up dressing as Goku and Hakkai last night, because we decided fantasy was the way to go, and the Amiboshi costume is a little bit of a spoiler. And then the girl who hadn't seen Fushigi Yuugi ended up not coming anyway, so it really didn't matter. But we had fun anyway, just us and our anime buddy, so it was all good.

The new episode of Danny Phantom was totally awesome. After seeing The Ultimate Enemy so many times and not seeing Clockwork since, it was weird to think of him being in a half hour episode, but it worked really well, and I was reminded how very much I love Clockwork. Also, thinking about the episode later, I realized something that blew my mind. If Fairly OddParents started in 2000, and Danny Phantom started in 2004, and if both serieses took place in real time, Danny and Timmy would be the same age. That's craaaaazy.

Anime Buddy ended up having to go home early, because she had been getting up early all week and needed to go to bed, so we spent the rest of the night playing Final Fantasy X. I must say that, while I think Lulu has the best Final Fantasy weapon ever invented, I was very disappointed that the Ice Moomba wasn't blue. Athena got it the other day, and I'm like, "Awesome! I bet it's blue! I totally want to see a blue Moomba!" But it was red. And red just doesn't work for an ice weapon.

Another thing I realized, playing through this time, is that, if you think of Seymour's English dub voice, it is really creepy and gross with that scene in Guadosalam and the stuff that happens after, but when I think of his Japanese voice (whom we haven't heard as Seymour, but we have heard as Karin's sexy sexy brother in Karin), suddenly the idea is not only less disturbing, but even a little appealing. Athena still says he looks like Tobey Maguire.

And now we're off to get some work done before playing more FFX, and maybe watching some anime. Today, I'm very thankful for having groceries, living close to Winco, not being hungry, having Honey Nut Chex Mix, and short lines at the bank.
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