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Today was monthly simulpub day and boy was this chapter a tough one! It drove us up the wall for more reasons than one, but we can't get into anything spoilery, so for now I'll just complain about aaaallll the woooorrrrds... They just kept going and going and going, and we were like, "No, stop!" But they didn't. They never do. And of course it's a bunch of words that we have to look up. ...I mean, we'll often look up words anyway when we need to be sure of nuance, but these were words we hadn't come across before...or at least not enough times to remember what they meant.

But! it's over now, and the translation is turned in! And now, we have the rest of the week off! Woohoo!!!! We're super excited.

In the meantime, it occasionally occurs to our nephew that we've visited him in the past and are capable of doing so again. He and his siblings have been staying at Grandma's, so when we made our weekly phone call to Mother tonight, he was there, and perhaps all the sleepovers are what reminded him. I don't even remember why it came up, but suddenly it was up. He said something about how we should go visit, and we were like, "Actually, we've been meaning to talk to Gaston about that," and Mom was like, "If he drives you up here, we can drive you back!" and Grawp was like, "It's only four hours!" So I stopped to explain that yes, it's only four hours, but whoever came to get us would have to drive four hours just to find us and then four hours again. He was ready. He was like, "Why don't you just drive?" I gotta say, he has a mind for logistics.

He didn't seem too convinced by the whole "we don't have licenses" thing, but...well, that's life, I guess. Of course, there is the option of doing what we usually do and taking the train, but as unworried as we are about the 'rona in general, even before all the articles came out about how, "We think it spreads when you're in an enclosed space using recycled are for prolonged periods of time," public transit seemed like probably one of the biggest possible risks.

At any rate, it seems like we may need to take more initiative instead of just waiting for Gaston's next phone call. But we're not going to worry about it too much right now, because our official vacation is just getting started.

Today I'm thankful for managing to get some more heart crystals from Reese, having a lovely time talking to Mom and Grawp on the phone, finishing work without having to work too late, getting to watch an episode of Psych, and getting to take the rest of the week off.
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