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Animal Crossing covers all the hobbies

So we had the big party with Reese and Cyrus after shooting their wedding reenactment pictures, and we figured we were done with the whole thing, but we went back to Harv's Island to talk to them, get furniture, see if they still wanted to take pictures, etc., and boy are we glad we did! Not only do they still want pictures, but now they're actually changing things up! What! (I mean, Animal Crossing veterans are probably like, "Yeah. Duh." but it's new to us, so...)

And the best part! They gave us a wedding fence! We have a little wedding-themed area on our island because we have a heart-shaped pond, and we had a lattice fence, so we were like, "This will be even better!" ...But then we learned the recipe, and we're not sure it really matches our aesthetic after all. But we have it, so now we have the option!

But the best best part!! Is that Reese gave us a recipe for a wedding wand!!!! AAAAAAAAHHH!!! You guys, you have no idea how much we love playing with the wands. We just wish they'd let us have a different set of outfits for each wand, because we have so many cute clothes and we want to wear them aaaaalllllll......

Anyway. As soon as we got the recipe, we were like, "Well, now we need a wedding dress!" But Cyrus had our backs. He had a ton of new stuff for us to trade with him, including not just a wedding dress, but matching pumps and a veil! Fortunately, we had just enough heart crystals to get all of them. Oh my goodness, this is so exciting.

The super bummery part is that we still need more heart crystals to get all the stuff we want! So much cute interior design stuff!!! Fortunately, it's not THE theme to end all themes, so we won't mind too much if we can't get everything to design the ideal wedding-themed area/room. But it's still kind of a bummer. There's one day left in June, so we'll see if we can get anything else before the theme changes!

But oh my goodness, I'm so excited for the next theme! These photo shoots with Reese and Cyrus...can be a little tedious, but it's such a fun concept! We did always like the idea of big cosplay photo shoots...but not like the super huge gatherings they have with about seven of every main character. Like, one of every single character in an anime, manga, or video game, so we can put together any scene we want. Like the one time we went to an Ace Attorney photo shoot. That was a good time.

Today I'm thankful for having a new wand (we even have enough star fragments to make it!), having the outfit to go with it, the freedom to use as many consecutive ellipses as I want........., work going very very quickly today, and the excitement of a new photo shoot theme with Reese and Cyrus. And their garden wallpaper, oh my goodness, it's gorgeous and I want it, but it's not part of the standard wedding set, so we don't know how we're going to get it. But I have hope.
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