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Today was the Bug-Off in Animal Crossing! Flick was back! I mean, we knew he would be, because we follow the bulletins and we talk to our neighbors, and even Flick himself said he would be hosting the Bug-Off, but knowing about it ahead of time doesn't make it any less exciting. And the Bug-Off itself was a blast! ...Except when the bugs were being elusive...which was always...and then it appears it's not always easy to aim the net...

Anyway. Athena's record was eight bugs in three minutes! It sounds like not very much at all. We're hoping that next month we'll have a bunch more bridges and inclines to help us save time. Our island has a lot of rivers, because we like rivers aesthetically, but when we chose our layout, we didn't realize what a hassle it would be to cross them without bridges. We have no regrets! ...But we do need more bridges.

The important thing! is that we did the Bug-Off enough times to get a ladybug umbrella and a ladybug rug. We also got our ladybug replica today, so one of these days we're thinking we might have to decorate a ladybug-themed room. We also got the butterfly backpack and the butterfly wallpaper, which are super cute.

...And that's pretty much our day. Just catching bugs in Animal Crossing and redecorating for the home evaluation. It was good times.

Today I'm thankful for getting to play in the Bug-Off, getting to see Flick again, bridges, stairs, and all the cool stuff we got from playing in the Bug-Off.
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