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Today, we took it easy. Not quite as easy as we would have liked, since we had a simulpub chapter to translate, and it was not an easy one this month. But it was still less work than trying to edit an entire tankoubon! So we finished work early, and we played a whole lot of Animal Crossing. We spent a bunch of time beautifying our island to raise its star rating, which is currently at one. And we should be getting some new neighbors soon! We invited one of them ourselves, because we went to a random island and met Gwen. With her, Aurora, and Iggly, we'll now have three penguins on our island! And we only just now noticed that Gwen comes from penguin. Oh, you translators...

We also watched the Pain for the tenth time. (The Pain, of course, being the season three finale of Miraculous.) We really hate how it ends...and pretty much the majority of what happens in it. Every time we watch it, there are multiple scenes that I still hope will play out differently. And my hopes are crushed every time. But I can't say it's badly written, because it's not. Every bad decision is explained in a way that makes perfect sense. But it still hurts, and that's why we call it the Pain.

Now we have to figure out what to do with ourselves while we eagerly await season four. There's been talk of watching the first season of The Seven Deadly Sins in French, to get more of the voice of Chat Noir and to see if we can identify any other Miraculous voice actors in that particular dub. We got it into our heads the other day to check out the French dub cast of Fairy Tail, and we found out that the guy who plays Hawk Moth actually does play other characters than Hawk Moth. And! he's Panther Lily! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha! ...It's actually pretty perfect.

I guess we just have a lot of aimless fan energy that we need to channel somewhere. Right now it's French-language animated series, whether they were originally in French or Japanese. And yet we still can't bring ourselves to watch anime in English... Hm. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for finishing work early, getting a lot done on our island in Animal Crossing, having now seen all of Miraculous ten times, getting to find out about all the Miraculous voice actors who are in Fairy Tail in French, and having a very light workload for the rest of the week.
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