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Animal Crossing party

We did it! We turned in our rush translation and still had plenty of time to play Animal Crossing! ...Of course, since we only had a little time to play yesterday, we didn't really have anything set up for new events to happen today, so it wasn't as exciting as it could have been.

At least, not at first! Because Grawp's family now has their own copy of Animal Crossing, so he called us while he was playing! That was an interesting experience. They had the youngest start the game, so now Hermie is the Resident Representative, which means Grawp can't progress the story at all unless he gets her permission to use her account (or uses it without her permission, but we try to discourage that sort of thing). He was all, "Do you have a museum?" and we were like, "Of course!" and he was like, "WHAT!? HOW!?" He had been playing with Grandma, so we were surprised that he didn't know this. Well, it turns out that as soon as she does anything to advance the story, she forgets all about it, so she was unable to tell him.

So we were like, "You have to give creatures to Tom Nook," and he was like, "I DID!!!" Apparently it only works if you're the Resident Representative. This is something you'd think we'd be aware of, since there are two of us, but because I feel no need to play the game when I can just watch Athena do it, I do not have my own home on Futagojima. Grawp just switched over to Hermie's account real quick, and Blathers will be at their island tomorrow.

While we were on the phone with Grawp, it came time for our weekly phone call with our mother, aka Grandma, so we had a lovely bit of chaos with me talking to Mom and Athena talking to Grawp and Grawp's siblings in the background. It was almost like a party! We had Mom come over to our island so we could show her our magic wand. I'm not sure if she thought it was cute or stupid. But we like it a lot, and that's the important thing. ...I bet Gilderoy would be really impressed.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our rush job, having plenty of time for Animal Crossing, getting to play with Grawp and Mom, Akane getting to be super kakko ii, and having lots of things to look forward to in Animal Crossing tomorrow.
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