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Afternoon surprise

We were facing a pretty full workday today, because not only did we have only slightly less work to do on Fire Force than we did on Friday (which took all the workday), we also had a weekly simulpub chapter to translate. It was just a little daunting, but we were optimistic. Then our optimism paid off, and we managed to finish everything with plenty of time before dinner to play video games!

We were just about to get settled to do that when I remembered that I needed to send a quick thank you to one of our editors for tracking down some missing payments. I pulled up email, and we had a situation. See, we had been asked if we could do the latest volume of Hanako-kun by last Friday, or if we needed more time. Since our month was pretty packed and we were dealing with Page's health issues, we said we would need more time. We didn't hear anything about it until earlier in the day today, when we were asked about when we could get it in by.

We were finishing things up with Fire Force today, and we have a monthly simulpub chapter coming in on Wednesday, so with a day for the first draft and a day for the edit, we figured we could get it in by the end of Thursday no problem. The reply was that actually that is a problem, and could we maybe please get it in by tomorrow?

...And there went our relaxing evening. Fortunately, Hanako is usually very kind to us, and this may have been slightly less kind, but that's still pretty kind. We managed to finish the first draft with enough time to watch an episode of Miraculous! (We watched two anyway.) And of course, the story is as good as ever. And best of all, now we have that much less to do during the rest of the week! ...But we're extra tired and grumpy. If the edit on Hanako goes well tomorrow, hopefully that will be cured quickly, too.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our work quota early so we had time to add another project, the other project going pretty well, having time to watch an episode of Miraculous, also getting to check in on our Animal Crossing island (that's the kind of thing you just make time for), and getting to watch Chat Blanc again.
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