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Stunned by visuals

I'm still working through the long-movie brain fog. We just watched A Whisker Away on Netflix and it was alright. We did not hate it as much as we hate other movies. This does prompt me to ask why we bother watching movies if we're so likely to hate them, and I guess the answer is we don't expect to hate them. There was a time when we, in fact, liked them. And there are still some new ones that we like! And this one had an interesting-looking premise. And the premise was interesting. It was just slow, that's all. And, as usual, it spent a lot of time on the stunning visuals, which we usually feel would be better spent on character development.

So here we are, with long-movie brain fog. I can't focus on anything. The ending theme didn't help--it was like the same two bars over and over again. So now we just have this very brief melody going on infinite loop blocking out all other thought...

Floor Is Lava!! That was the ad that played immediately after the movie. It was wildly different in every way from the movie, and it looks super awesome, so we put it on our list. If you haven't heard about it, it appears to be a physical game show, in which, as the title suggests, the floor is lava. Not actual lava--that would kill people. It looked like red-dyed water. But the point is, they seem to have built obstacle courses designed after rooms inside homes, and then they turn the floor into lava and the idea is to get your whole team out of the room, instead of falling into the lava. It looks fascinating. If we didn't have work tomorrow, we'd probably just start with that, and if it's fun enough, maybe marathon it. I don't know. I'm having a really hard time focusing right now.

And dangit, I almost had that song out of my head thanks to Floor Is Lava, but I type that sentence, and Athena brought it back.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see an interesting new movie, getting to read the story of Ammon for our Come Follow Me lesson this week, reminders that nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care, having an interesting-looking new game show to check out, and the lovely rosemary wax melts we have smelling up our apartment.
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