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We got a check!!! We finally, finally got a check!!! We're not going to die!!! This is a very happy day. And! We already have a party planned to celebrate!!

Okay, so we planned the party on Monday, but that's entirely beside the point. And it was just to watch anime, but we can pretend it's to celebrate getting a check. We invited the outgoing girl from choir to join us, and she said she'd come all dressed up. I still don't know if she was joking or not, but now it's been decided that it's a cosplay party. So now we have to decide what to wear. We're kind of wavering between Goku & Hakkai and Amiboshi & Suboshi, since they're the easiest to move around in, but then I think of Risa & Riku, and how cute they are, and I want to wear those. Not to mention the fact that I am still very pleased with the way the Meer costume turned out and would love to wear it again. Decisions, decisions...

Also, since we had the momentum going of cleaning for the party and being happy about getting a check, I finally called the Nova Group back and got our interviews scheduled for Friday the 31st. We chose Friday partly because our home teacher said it would probably be better for him, and partly because we want to be able to play Kingdom Hearts II as soon as possible. The other choice was Tuesday, and that's the day it comes out. Of course, this way, if we haven't beaten KHII by Friday, we might be a little anxious at the interview, but anxiety of KHII is a heck of a lot better than freaking out about a job interview, so hopefully it will work to our advantage.

Now that we have a check, we can get back on track with our bills and everything, and not be in fear that suddenly our apartment will be plunged into darkness and our internet cut off. It seems a little crazy to be setting some of that money aside for Kingdom Hearts. After all that, you'd think we'd learn our lesson and try to save. But this long time of not being able to buy food came despite our saving and not splurging, and, if we end up starving to death over KHII, at least we'll die happy. And if everything goes well with the Nova Group, we won't have to worry about times when we have no translation work for at least a year.

And so, today I am exceedingly grateful that we got a check in the mail, that we have our interviews rescheduled, that Kingdom Hearts II ended up being delayed until the end of March when we can sort of afford it, that we made it through the long winter, and all the concern and support and help we've received during this time. Thank you!!
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