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Today was full of good news and bad news. It's kind of weird that just these two things seem to define the whole day, because they really didn't take up that much time, and yet that's how the memory works, I guess.

The bad news is that the next season of Miraculous apparently has been delayed. We first heard it from Cecille, who had found herself in a Miraculous sort of mood and was therefore looking up all the news she could find and repeating it to us. We didn't want to believe it at first, because we follow some official Twitters and Instagrams related to the show, and none of them have said anything, but on the other hand, they have all been steadfastly avoiding mentioning any kind of start date at all. So we looked into it, and it seems legit, so we'll just have to grin and bear it, I guess. Maybe we'll be surprised and it will come sooner than we think! It does make it even harder to figure out what to do when we finish our current viewing of the series, though. Le sigh.

The good news! is that we finally managed to make some wands in Animal Crossing! We had our suspicions about what they did when Celeste the Owl told us of their existence, and that's why we were so eager for a meteor shower to come along and get us some star pieces. And today, we finally managed to get a bunch of star pieces and make some wands, and they do just what we thought and we LOVE it!

For anyone who doesn't already know, they're like magical girl transformation wands! So you carry the wand around with you, and whenever you want, you can wave it and change your outfit! Naturally, for the full effect, we figured we needed a fancy magical girl sort of outfit, so we went and custom-designed one. But we're not exactly the most imaginative, so we just copied one we already knew and made an Eternal Sailor Moon outfit. We think it turned out pretty okay. (The other reason for making a Sailor Moon outfit is that Mom once asked us what the wands do, and we didn't say anything for sure because we didn't have confirmation yet, but now that we know, we want to make it very clear that it's a magical girl sort of thing, and Mom has some knowledge of Sailor Moon. So next time we visit her island, we're going to show it off!)

And that was all very exciting. But the excitement is a little overshadowed, because after those fun times, we watched Miraculous, which was also fun times, except that we're getting close to the end of season three again, which makes us even more eager for season four! But we know the animation team is working super hard, and since we've been fighting major burnout for months, we absolutely do not want to put any pressure on the people who make the show we love so much, because we know what it's like. And life doesn't always give us the gifts we hope for...

And on the bright side, we get to watch Chat Blanc again on Monday! Yay!

Today I'm thankful for having two new wands in Animal Crossing (we want to make a mermaid style outfit to go with the shell wand), the fun of magically changing outfits, making it to and from the grocery store without killing ourselves, running into some friends from church who offered to give us a ride (we were just one intersection away from home and there were a ton of other cars around, or we would have been more likely to take them up on it), and getting to watch Miraculous.
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