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The trouble with visitors

Today Gilderoy finally got a Nintendo Account, and the first thing he wanted to do was visit somebody else's island in Animal Crossing. We were more than happy to help, because frankly, we'll take any excuse to stop working these days. (Not true. I can think of a few things off the top of my head that we'd choose work over. Like laundry and grocery shopping.)

So we put down our work and we opened up our island for visitors. ...I guess the rest is not really very eventful. We wandered around the island together, he made us a pitfall seed... He begged us to give him Best Friend status so he could use his shovel. We were wary, but we did it anyway, and the reason this was so important is that he wanted to dig a hole and then jump into it, so we could see what happens. I admit it was pretty funny. He seems to be pretty respectful of other people's islands, so we're not too worried about the best friends thing, but we won't hesitate to revoke the privilege if he abuses it.

Almost the entire time this was going on, his sister was trying to get a turn at the Switch. She had to earn her Switch time first, so she went and did her workbook, and a few minutes later she was back. We asked her if she'd finished her workbook, and she said yes, and Gilderoy said no, so we may never know the truth of that. She kept pestering Gilderoy and he kept rebuffing her, so eventually she called in the big guns and went to her dad. His verdict was that they were fighting over it, so now nobody gets the Switch. And he took the Switch away and turned it off...

...And that's how we found out that if your friend leaves any other way than via the airport, you lose any progress that was made while your friend was visiting. And that's how we lost the lacy tank our neighbor Simon gave us, and how we ended up having to replant our bamboo again. But we think Gilderoy got to keep all the DIY recipes he learned from cards we'd given him, because the cards were no longer. This indicates that only the host loses progress from illegal island departures, and has us even more grumpy about it.

Well, live and learn, I guess. We're mostly over it. Next time, we will make sure everybody knows that they must leave through the airport.

Later (after getting our work done), we turned on the Switch and found that the Pokemon Expansion Pass download had started all on its own! And it was only five o'clock! The internet had led us to believe that we might have to wait longer. We let it finish downloading, but we didn't start the story at all. We're still not quite sure how we want to work that with Grawp's Pokemon playing. I'm sure we'll figure it out eventually.

Today I'm thankful for not losing too much when our island got reset, having pink roses on the way, finishing our work despite diversions, having our home loan all paid off again (if only it were so easy in real life...), and the super cute pink skirt we bought from Mabel.
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