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We maaaaay have gotten a little carried away with the Animal Crossing today. But only because we didn't get to it until much later than usual, and there's a very good reason for that. We played Pokemon instead. But you guys, for over a week, we have been wondering why our nephew was not calling us to play Pokemon, especially when we could have used some company a few days ago. So when we turned on the Switch to play Animal Crossing, and soon thereafter the Switch informed us that our nephew was playing Pokemon, of course we switched over to Pokemon ourselves. A few minutes later, Grawp called, and we had a pretty good time playing Pokemon.

...But we may now be at a point where we don't want company because it interrupts our "me" time. It's actually not a healthy mindset, though. We are well aware that we are in desperate need of more social interaction. But we also have a lot of work that gets in the way of our "me" time as well, and one of these things seems less optional than the other. If only we didn't have rent and stuff to pay...

Anyway, we're keeping up with work surprisingly well given the circumstances. Nevertheless, we wish we could take the day off tomorrow. And the day after, because the Pokemon Expansion Pass lands sometime tomorrow night. We seemed to remember seeing 5pm, but when looking it up to make sure, we couldn't find anything concrete. The 5pm thing might have been referring to a Dynamax event or something. But anyway, we decided we're not going to be too proactive in dealing with the expansion pass, because we want to let Grawp show off the shiny new Pokemons. So...we may be playing Animal Crossing while he works on that. But then he might not call because he'll see that we're playing Animal Crossing instead of Pokemon. Well, we'll need to catch some extra Pokemon to trade anyway. We'll figure it out.

Today I'm thankful for meeting our Hatsu*Haru deadline, getting to play Pokemon with Grawp again, getting to play Animal Crossing with Mom, catching a saw shark (it's our second shark; the first one was a hammerhead, so if there are any other tool sharks, I'm guessing they're next), and having groceries summoned from the internet.
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