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Good news

Despite it all, we met our Saiyuki deadline. Tadah! And that's it for us and the original Saiyuki series, so I guess it's up to the readers to determine (by sales numbers) whether or not we go on to Reload. In the meantime, we're just happy to cross one more thing off our to-do list.

The really exciting news that got lost in the shuffle of last week is that Edens Zero is getting an anime! Woohoo!! I mean, we always knew it would eventually, but eventually is now a lot sooner! Of course, right now, the only news is that there will be an anime--we don't know who will be making it or voicing any of the characters or anything. We're pretty eager to find out who will be playing Shiki and Weisz. Also a little eager to find out how soon this anime will be airing...

Today I'm thankful for finishing our Saiyuki translations, having a lot of fun working on the series, having an Edens Zero anime to look forward to, getting to watch Oblivio today, and it being bedtime...which is happy because I'm sleepy, but sad because we have to get back to work tomorrow. But the book we're working on is a lot of fun! So that's good.
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