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We thought today would be a good day to watch a movie, but most of our feel-good Disney movies are slightly inaccessible right now, so we determined to use Netflix or Amazon Prime. But considering the fact that we usually hate movies, we had no idea what would be best. Eventually we settled on Tintin, because we're obsessed with stories that were originally written in French, even though the big Hollywood movie is pretty much made by English speakers. But the voice of Chat Noir is in the French dub of it, so that made us more interested, too. But we watched it in English...partly because it wasn't available in French, but mostly because we're purists.

Turns out we did not love it. I really liked the lighting, and the textures, and the music felt nice even if there weren't any obvious musical themes. But of course the music felt nice, it was John Williams. The story seemed to have the same problem all movies we hate have, which is that the characters' main personalities are left undeveloped in the name of moving the plot forward, and facilitating annoyingly long action scenes. Tintin is supposed to be the genius reporter, but he's constantly making stupid mistakes. I mean, at least he did say, "How could I have been so stupid?" the one time, but there was way more than just the one time. And it takes them soooo long to figure out clues that we thought were pretty obvious as soon as the clues showed up. "The numbers are coordinates! I don't believe it!" Really. You're looking for treasure, and you never stopped to think that the numbers would be coordinates? Gaaahh...

Anyway. After that, we read a little more of From the Earth to the Moon and we felt much better. Jules Verne is hilarious, you guys. There's a whole chapter that's basically just a list of how countries around the world react to Americans and their crazy antics. The best was France. This is not a direct quote, but it basically went like, "France started by talking about how stupid America is and making several stale jokes at their expense." ...I guess this is why the American stereotype of French people is that they're jerks.

Mostly, we're still sad that Page isn't here anymore. I think the wounds are healing, but it's still hard. It's hard not to ask ourselves why she stopped eating, and wonder if she was so sick of us that she wanted to escape through death. But then we remember that...okay, so when Page was mad at us, she'd let us know by making deposits outside the litter box, and sometimes she would go outside the litter box when she was having trouble with digestion, or the weather was extra hot and she was uncomfortable. But during the whole time she wasn't eating, she made sure to use the litter box for everything, even though she was weak from lack of food and the litter box was far away from her chosen refuge. We think that was her way of making sure we knew she wasn't mad at us. She really is such a sweet kitty.

Today I'm thankful for reminders that Page wasn't just sick of us, getting to read a cute Noragami short about why piracy is bad, getting to read more Jules Verne, getting to see Tintin even if we didn't love it, and hopefully getting to see our new flowers blooming in Animal Crossing tomorrow.
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