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I think we've been coping pretty well. We're still sad, of course. We've mostly just been playing Animal Crossing. We finally tried the custom design thingie today, and Athena made herself a replica of Adrien Agreste's t-shirt! ...Not exactly a difficult design to recreate, but it makes us happy nonetheless. We also did a ton of fishing today. We broke at least two non-flimsy fishing poles. Athena thinks three. We caught no less than three piranhas, which of course reminded us of Tarzan: Don't tell him that--of course there are piranhas in Africa!

We got a phone call from our Relief Society president yesterday, too, which was nice. Brother D had tipped her off to the fact that we might have some exorbitant veterinary bills that we may struggle to pay, and it was a good reminder that we can always go to the Church for help. We didn't ask for any financial assistance yet, though, because we're not quite sure how all that's going to turn out. All we know is that we didn't end up needing everything in the estimate. Will they charge us more than the money we already gave them (which was a lot), or will they call it good? We don't know, but we would rather not hear from them again. But we did tell them we would like Page's ashes, and we'd also like her carrier back. So hopefully they'll call after we've healed up some more.

Our Relief Society president also offered to bring us food, in case we were having trouble affording that (jury's still out on that, too), or a dessert if we just wanted a pick-me-up. That last offer was super tempting, except that at that time we still hadn't gotten our appetites back. I'm pretty sure it's still on the table for whenever we want it, though, so we're going to have to remember that.

Today I'm thankful for the Relief Society, friends who contact the Relief Society for us when we can't think to do it ourselves, the friendly call we got from our Relief Society president, getting to catch a lot of new fish and hang out in the lovely rainy weather in Animal Crossing, and having an Adrien Agreste shirt.
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