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Page update

Fun fact we learned at 3:30 this morning: they have blood banks for pets.

The doctor had told us last night that Page's platelet count was low, so they might need to do a transfusion. The "might" turned into a "will" in the wee hours of the morning. We were both startled awake by my phone going off, and somehow I was alert enough to glance and the clock and determine by the time that it must be the animal hospital. Sure enough, I picked up and a rather chipper-sounding doctor was on the other end, who told us that Page's fever broke at about ten o'clock last night, but her platelet count was still going down.

He needed our consent to give Page the blood transfusion, but first, despite our tiredness, we just had to ask, "How does that even work?" The doctor cheerfully explained that it's a lot more efficient than it used to be--they have a group of donor cats that they rotate out into foster care...and that was about as much as I could process. He said something about greyhounds and great danes, too...

Anyway, the sudden jolt out of bed had us both on high alert, which meant it was a while before we got back to sleep, but eventually we did, and we went about our day as normal. Right as I was finishing breakfast, the doctor we talked to last night called to give us an update. They had given Page the transfusion, and she seemed brighter now, which was good. The specialist would be coming in later and they'd do the ultrasound, and call us later in the afternoon with the results.

As the afternoon came along, we braced ourselves for the call...and we braced ourselves...and braced ourselves. Finally when we sat down for dinner, it came. The ultrasound didn't find anything that seemed cancerous, but her pancreas looked dark. The specialist warned us again about cats' livers failing when they don't get any food, and said there are some possible infectious-type things that could be causing the problem, but they're still waiting on the pathology report. They're also still waiting on the pancreatitis test results, but in the meantime, they're going with that as the most likely cause and treating her accordingly until further notice.

And that is what we know for now. We're glad to know that it's likely not cancer. We still want to think that it's not actually pancreatitis, but if it is, we'll deal with it. In the meantime, Page is still at the hospital and being syringe-fed because she still refuses to eat on her own. We're just relieved that she's in good hands.

Today I'm thankful for the cute picture of Page that they sent us from the pet hospital, finding out that she probably doesn't have cancer, meeting our work quota, having lots of time to play Animal Crossing, and having a lovely time watching the Heroes' Day episodes of Miraculous.
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